6 Common Supplement Myths Busted

6 Common Supplement Myths Busted

Health and sports supplements are vastly popular in this day and age, and thanks to all of the advances in modern medicine, science, and technology, it’s no wonder why. These days we have access to some of the most potent and efficient supplements that the world has ever seen, yet there are still a select few individuals that seem hell-bent on playing down the effectiveness of these products, or worse still, trying to convince others that not only do they not work, but that they also possess a number of unpleasant and potentially dangerous side effects as well. To help clear up any uncertainty surrounding these supplements once and for all, and to prove any naysayers wrong, here we’ll be busting 6 of the most common health and sports supplement myths once and for all. So, without any further hesitation, let’s begin.

Whey protein will make you fat

Whey Protein Will Make You Fat

This is actually one of the most common myths you’ll hear about sports supplements, and not surprisingly it is not true in the slightest. Many people seem to be under the illusion that whey protein supplements will make you fat, when in reality, quite the opposite is true. Not only will whey protein NOT make you fat, it will help you to lose fat as it helps increase the metabolism and contributes towards lean muscle growth. Whey protein supplements are low in calories, are virtually fat free, and often contain natural sweeteners in place of sugar, so in truth, there is very little contained within these supplements that will make you fat. The next time somebody tells you that drinking a whey protein shake will make you fat, ask them if they would be so kind as to provide proven scientific evidence to back up these claims.

Sports supplements are a waste of your money

Again, this is not true, and if it was, why on earth would the sports supplement industry be raking in billions of dollars every single year? Yes, there is no substitution for a healthy diet and regular spells of physical exercise but when you combine both of these elements with a selection of supplements based upon your goals and requirements, you will see far more beneficial results than if you weren’t to consume them. Health and sports supplements aren’t magic, you can’t simply swallow a few pills, or mix some powder into a liquid and then gorge yourself on fast food whilst lounging on the sofa and wake up the next day with a clean bill of health and the body of a Greek god. But, when used responsibly, as part of a healthy, active, and balanced lifestyle, the benefits will quickly become apparent.

If your diet is clean and you exercise regularly, you don’t need supplements

If Your Diet Is Clean And You Exercise Regularly, You Don’t Need Supplements

Another common myth surrounding supplements is that they aren’t required if your diet is healthy and you’re getting plenty of exercise. This is not true because as mentioned, when used in conjunction with those two elements, you really get the added benefits of supplements. Of course eating healthily and exercising regularly is great, but supplements can make you even healthier and can provide even more effective results, so why would you not use them? It’s like buying a brand new car, keeping it clean, servicing it regularly, yet trying to run it on second-hand cooking oil instead of top of the range gasoline. If you’re taking the time to wash it and keep it in great working order, why would you not put the best possible fuel into it just to add the finishing touches?

Supplements cause severe side effects

In reality, sports supplements are considered extremely safe and truthfully they cause very little, if any at all, side effects in the slightest. Many of the ingredients contained within health and sports supplements are naturally found within the human body, so that should already give you a clue as to just how safe they are. With some supplements, creatine for example, frequent urination during the loading phase is possible, due to the fact that you have to drink more water than usual. Beta-alanine has also been found to cause a very slight tingling sensation in some users, but other than that, there really are very little side effects to be wary of.

Supplements are steroids

Supplements Are Steroids

Anybody who makes this claim is extremely ignorant and truthfully has no idea in the slightest what it is that they’re talking about. Unfortunately this is a very common myth associated with sports supplements, and of course it is nonsense and 100% NOT TRUE. Steroids are special synthetic compounds which mimic the natural effects of hormones found within the body, sports supplements are nothing like that. Naturally then, if anybody tells you that you will get acne or “roid rage” from using sports supplements, pay them no heed as they have no idea what they’re talking about.

Everybody will get the same results from supplements

Again, this is not true as it all depends on certain individuals and their own genetic makeup. Take creatine for example. This popular supplement is the second best-selling supplement in the bodybuilding and fitness community, second only to whey protein. Some people absolutely swear by creatine, reporting that it is able to increase their energy levels, their strength levels, their muscle pumps, their vascularity, and their overall effectiveness in the gym. Others however, will try creatine and will experience little to no beneficial results in the slightest. These are known as creatine non-responders, as the supplement basically has no real effect on their body. With some people, it will work amazingly, whilst others will barely be able to notice any difference. The same principle applies to a whole host of other supplements as well, as some will have great results with one product, whilst others will barely notice any changes or improvements in the slightest. The best advice is to forget what others are saying, and to judge a supplement based upon the results that it provides you and your body.


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