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Pre-Workout Predicaments to Avoid

Okay, the time for talking is over. We’re now in the New Year, we’ve stuffed our faces with junk, we’ve had a few well earned weeks off from the gym, we’ve drank enough alcohol to put our livers into a coma, and we’re now ready to get serious for the year ahead. A summer body […]
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Poor Bodybuilding Habits To Avoid Making

Bodybuilding is a sport in which people are constantly learning, even IFBB pros who have been consistently entering and winning shows for decades upon decades. It is a sport in which only the very strongest will thrive, and we aren’t talking just physically either. If you are mentally weak, bodybuilding will break you sooner than […]
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5 common mistakes that new crossfitters tend to make

Crossfit is considered by many, to not so much be a training principle, but rather a way of life, and when you consider just how far crossfit has come over such a short amount of time, well, the results basically speak for themselves. Less than six years ago, most people had no idea what crossfit […]
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Six Enjoyable And Productive Ways Of Warming Up Before Exercise

Ok, hands up who can honestly say that, before you begin any form of workout, exercise, or physical activity in general, that you set aside 5 – 10 minutes to properly stretch and warm up properly? If you’re being honest, there won’t be too many of you as generally speaking, as soon as people walk […]
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Five Things You Should Do Before Each Of Your Workouts

An effective pre-workout routine begins long before you pull on your stringer vest and grab your protein shaker cup from the side of the kitchen sink, and if you get this part of your day correct, you will not only have an extremely effective and productive workout, you will also see much more noticeable gains […]
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5 Tips For Growing Your Triceps Like Never Before

Bodybuilding is a sport very much about growth, both physically and spiritually as well. In fact, it isn’t so much a sport at all, but rather a lifestyle and way of living that must be followed at all times if you wish to become successful at it. There are people out there who call themselves […]
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