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5 vitamins that help avoid the flu & cold during the holidays

It's that time of year again—cold and flu season. Up to 20% of the population...
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4 Supplements to Boost Mental Well-Being

It is estimated that as many as 1 in 4 adults will suffer with a...
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The Only Guide to Vitamins and Minerals You Will Ever Need

Every single day we see adverts on the TV or online, from nutritionists, health experts, and health companies, talking about the importance of healthy eating. Healthy eating is indeed a vital part of everyday life, yet many of us are unfortunately not doing everything in our power to eat the right foods and drink the […]
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Everyday Supplement Mistakes to Avoid Making

In health and fitness circles, these days, it seems as if supplements are just as commonplace as push ups. Whilst it is indeed true that, thanks to the huge advances in medicine, research, and technology, supplements are better than ever, that certainly does not make them the be-all and end-all when it comes to health […]
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7 useful tips for avoiding cold viruses

Whilst winter may finally be drawing to a close, that does not mean that cold and flu season just goes away entirely, as there is always the risk of becoming ill at any time of the year. A common cold, whilst generally not life threatening, can really make you feel awful and can take a […]
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Supplements That Improve Your Mood Naturally

We all have days when we wake up in a bad mood, and find ourselves feeling more and more unhappy and unstable as the day goes by, yet most of us find that once we go to bed and have a good night’s sleep, we’ll wake up the next day in a much better mood. […]
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