Top 4 Reasons To Go Organic

Top 4 Reasons To Go Organic

Our health and general well-being are both things that many of us take for granted, especially when we’re younger as we seem to think that we’re immortal and that we’ll live forever. In reality, things are very different, evident in the fact that more and more younger individuals under the age of 30 are now classed as obese or morbidly obese and are suffering from various weight-related health issues as a result. In truth, there are more obese people living on this planet than ever before, and as a result, governments are having to shell out billions upon billions in weight-related healthcare each year. Often however, this healthcare simply isn’t enough as life expectancies are actually gradually beginning to decrease for the first time in history. What’s perhaps most shocking, and incredibly frustrating, is that we’re doing this to ourselves, and many of the numerous health issues that people are experiencing as a result of being overweight are down largely to the choices that they themselves are making. An increasingly sedentary lifestyle with nowhere near enough physical exercise is one of the main causes, whilst the second, not surprisingly, is an unhealthy diet rich in all of the wrong foods. We’re a nation obsessed with speed and convenience and as a result we choose ready-made, processed, fatty, unhealthy junk foods instead of fresh and natural produce. As if that wasn’t enough however, much of the so-called “healthy” produce we see in stores is actually nowhere near as healthy and beneficial as it should be, thanks to various farming and rearing practices, poor environments, unhealthy additives, pesticides, chemicals, and much more on top of that. If you’d like to reap the rewards of a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle, organic produce is the way forward and to help stamp this point across, we’ll now be looking at the top 4 reasons to go organic.

You’re maximising nutrient consumption

You’re Maximising Nutrient Consumption

It doesn’t matter whether it’s meat, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, wheats, grains, or anything else for that matter, the fact remains that all foods contain nutrients in some way or another. The problem is that many foods which are non-organic are reared in poor condition, or are fed unhealthy foods rich in chemicals etc, are pumped full of chemicals, hormones, preservatives, pesticides etc, and as a result much of the nutrient content is lost by the time the food makes it onto our plates. Organic produce however, is jam-packed full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and numerous other nutrients because of the way it is produced. Put as basically as possible, organic produce is grown, or reared, just as it would be naturally in nature, being fed fresh, healthy, and natural foods, being free from harmful chemical pesticides and hormones etc, and being allowed to grow and mature in natural, high standard surroundings. Because of this, the foods retain all of their natural nutrients which in turn helps to greatly improve our health and well-being.

Great taste

Another great reason to go organic and consume more organic produce is the fact that the food itself simply tastes so much better than mass-produced junk you see in most convenience stores. Most mass-produced food contains countless chemicals including additives, pesticides, hormones, preservatives, flavourings, colourings, tenderisers, etc, which obviously dilutes down the taste and makes it taste pretty bland. Often to counteract this, companies will use artificial flavourings and high doses of salt, sugar, or sweeteners that also damage our health. Organic produce however, is all natural and so it tastes how it should taste, which is pretty great. The difference between a caged hen egg and an organic free-range hen egg is astronomically different.

The food looks more appetizing

The Food Looks More Appetizing

When talking about food, people say that the first bite is made with the eyes, and for the most part they’re absolutely right. If food looks nice and appetizing we’re far more likely to try it, and are far more likely to enjoy it as a result. Mass-produced convenience food looks pretty appalling on the plate. The vegetables and fruits that should be bright and vibrant are simply dull and lifeless, as if being viewed through a smoggy smeared window. Scrambled eggs which should be deep yellows and oranges go a pale grey colour with just a hint of yellow, and the food itself just looks unappealing. Organic produce however, is bright, colourful, full of life, and it simply looks the way it should be looked. Vegetables retain their bright colour even after cooking, as do egg yolks, meats, fishes, and everything else for that matter.

The food is of the highest standard

In order to be marketed and sold as ‘organic’, organic produce must first meet the highest of standards set out by various food and health administrations and because of this, you know the food you’re getting meets these very standards. Organic produce must be reared or grown in the correct manner, using the correct materials in the correct surroundings. As well as this, it must be handled and processed in the correct manner, all of which translates into a top quality product of the very highest of standards. You know you’re getting the best possible quality and that shows in the taste, the texture, the nutrient content, and the price itself, which is now more competitive than ever as people are finally waking up to the fact that organic is the way forward.


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