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How Do I Choose Which Type of Protein is Right for Me?

Protein is one of the three macronutrients needed by the body (the other two being...
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A Healthy Lifestyle for Two - Couples Exercise and Diet

Now more than ever, couples are making the effort to live a healthy lifestyle together. ...
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Whey Protein vs. Casein Protein

Supplementation plays a vital role in the fitness industry today, providing numerous benefits. To many,...
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Benefits of Whey Protein

Regardless of age, everybody needs protein in their daily diet, and everyone can easily reap...
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7 top supplements for soccer players

Soccer, or football for our European friends, is an incredibly draining and taxing sport, both physically as well as mentally, and because of this, it can take its toll on the body. Sport in general is very physically demanding, but soccer is especially tough because it requires players to constantly be on their feet, running […]
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Should You Have Protein Before Bed?

In order for us to benefit from optimal levels of health and fitness, experts recommend a combination of regular physical exercise and activity, and a healthy and balanced diet in the process. Eating healthily is not as simple and as straightforward as some would have us believe, because what’s true for one person, may not […]
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