4 Fantastic Uses For Whey Protein Powder

4 Fantastic Uses For Whey Protein Powder

The supplement industry is, without question, one of the most lucrative and highly competitive industries on the face of the earth. The industry generates billions upon billions in revenue every single year, and those figures are constantly growing. Thanks to all of the advances in technology, nutrition, and medicine over the last decade or so, we now have access to some of the purest, healthiest, and most beneficial supplements ever, which when used correctly, can really help add the finishing touches to an impressive looking physique. Whey protein powder is the most popular and best-selling supplement in the world, and it has been for a number of years now. Dedicated gym goers, athletes, powerlifters, and bodybuilders will spend hundreds, if not thousands on protein powder every single year, and as a result they may find themselves growing tired of the same tastes, textures, and produce. If this applies to you, here are 4 fantastic uses for whey protein powder, that will yield the same health and physique enhancing results, only in a different form than you may have been accustomed to.

Mix it with oatmeal

Mix It With Oatmeal

If you happen to be training early in the day, oatmeal is without question one of the best pre-workout foods you could hope for. It contains vitamins and minerals, and on top of that, it also provides a great source of slow-release energy whilst it digests, which helps fuel your body during your workout. What it doesn’t have much of however, is protein, and that’s where protein powder comes into the mix. A great way of getting some much-needed protein into your body is to simply mix a couple of scoops of whey protein powder into your oatmeal when it’s nearly cooked. Not only does this boost the protein, vitamin, and mineral content, it also improves the flavour as the oatmeal tastes on a creamy consistency and the taste of the protein mixed in.

Make homemade protein energy bars

Another great use for whey protein powder is to use it to make protein energy bars at home. Simply combine some dried oatmeal, perhaps some granola, a handful of dried fruits and organic nuts with a little organic peanut butter and two or three scoops of protein, and mix everything together with one beaten egg. Next, add to the fridge to chill, and shape into bars, and wrap in foil. You can also bake them if you prefer.

It’s great as a late night snack to curb sweet cravings

If it’s getting late and you’re finding your body craving something sweet and sticky more and more, rather than grabbing something unhealthy, simply reach for a pot of cottage cheese, and combine it with 2 or 3 scoops of flavoured protein. Mix until smooth, and you have a sweet and high protein dessert similar in consistency to thick fromage frais.

Protein pancakes

For the ultimate protein pancakes, mix 2 scoops of whey protein powder with a generous handful or two of dried oats, a beaten egg, and a little skimmed milk and water. Mix to create a thick batter, coat a pan with cooking spray, and simply fry them as you would regular pancakes. These are delicious served with natural Greek yoghurt and fruit in a morning.


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