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Five “Unhealthy” Foods That Are Actually Good For You

Healthy is a slightly subjective word when you stop and think about it, as everybody seems to have a different idea as to what being healthy is actually about. You see, for some people, being healthy means that you eat organic, raw, dehydrated vegetables and seeds every day, and that you undergo regular cleanses and […]
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7 Foods And Supplements For Better Sexual Health

Okay, we’re all mature adults here so if you’re confident you can do so without giggling like school children, let’s take a few minutes to talk about sex, shall we? Sex is the most normal activity in the entire world, literally in fact, as without sex, none of us would be here. Not only is […]
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The Best Heart-Healthy Foods You Could Ever Wish For

Heart disease is currently the biggest killer in the entire world, which means that it is responsible for more deaths than any other disease, even cancer. Looking after our hearts is vitally important yet many of us unfortunately simply don’t look after them. You probably know that consuming a diet rich in unhealthy fats, salt, […]
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Eat Fat To Burn Fat: 5 Fatty Foods That Melt Body Fat

Have you ever found yourself trying to watch your figure and reading the nutrition information on the back of certain foods to help get a better understanding about whether or not that particular food would be beneficial or detrimental to your diet? If so, what did you read first? 9 times out of 10 your […]
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9 Ways To Naturally Increase Your Sperm Count

When we’re younger, our fertility and sperm counts are probably the last thing that we worry about, in fact, if we were told that we had fertility issues and a low sperm count, most people would probably not bat an eyelid for quite some time. However, as we grow older and mature, things begin to […]
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How To Naturally Increase Your Sex Drive

If you feel like your sex drive is on the decline then you can rest assured that you’re most definitely not alone. A great deal of individuals will, at some point in their lives, experience a reduction in their libidos and sex drives, particularly as they grow older. Now, in some instances a loss or […]
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