9 Ways To Naturally Increase Your Sperm Count

9 Ways To Naturally Increase Your Sperm Count

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When we’re younger, our fertility and sperm counts are probably the last thing that we worry about, in fact, if we were told that we had fertility issues and a low sperm count, most people would probably not bat an eyelid for quite some time. However, as we grow older and mature, things begin to fall into perspective and we realise that in actual fact, fertility issues and low sperm counts could greatly harm our chances of having children and starting a family of our own. Even if you don’t see children in your immediate future, low sperm counts have also been linked with low testosterone levels, which can then make you more susceptible to a wide range of different issues, including weight gain, trouble gaining muscle, losses of strength, loss of sex drive, and much more besides. Remember, testosterone is the dominant male sexual hormone, so if you have low testosterone levels, you’re susceptible to all kinds of unpleasant side effects that could quite easily be avoided. If you’re worried you have a low sperm count, or even if you’re just trying to increase your sperm count anyways, the good news is that there are a number of things you can do that will help to greatly increase your natural sperm counts. An increase in sperm counts is likely to result in an increased libido, increased energy levels, increased testosterone levels, and all of the benefits associated with testosterone as a result. Here’s a look at 9 ways to naturally increase your sperm count.

Consume more oysters

Consume More Oysters

Oysters are renowned for being potent aphrodisiacs and that isn’t just some urban myth or folktale either, it is a proven fact backed up with science. You see, oysters are rich in powerful amino acids that have been found to greatly enhance natural testosterone production in men, as well as progesterone in women. When you have more of these hormones in your system, your libido and sex drive increases, making you more sexually active, which in turn can lead to an increase in sperm production. Oysters are also a great source of zinc, which is another mineral that is extremely important in regards to testosterone production.

Use natural supplements

The supplement industry is currently thriving and is more popular now than ever before, and rightfully so. Some of the supplements now widely available in stores all over the globe are nothing short of remarkable and have the ability to provide numerous benefits to virtually all aspects of a person’s health and fitness. When it comes to sperm counts and potential fertility issues, these supplements are no exception. Just some of the most beneficial supplements you may wish to consider taking, include: L-carnitine, L-arginine, and Folic acid. L-arginine and folic acid have been found to increase the amounts of sperm naturally produced by the body, whereas the L-carnitine not only helps increase sperm production, it also works in conjunction with zinc to help increase sperm mobility and speed as a result. Potent antioxidants including selenium and vitamin E have also proved very beneficial in regards to sperm.

Consume dark chocolate

Chocolate has long been regarded as a powerful aphrodisiac and it isn’t just a coincidence that it happens to be heavily associated with St Valentine’s Day, either. Dark chocolate is rich in L-Arginine, which you may remember from the section above. This potent amino acid has been proven clinically, to more than double the volume of sperm and semen, making it incredibly beneficial indeed. As if that wasn’t enough, the arginine found in dark chocolate has also been proven to help enhance pleasure stimulators and receptor function, which in turn can provide more impressive orgasms and feelings of sexual satisfaction as a result. Avoid milk chocolate as that contains far more additives and unhealthy fats, which could actually reduce sperm counts and hinder sexual function.

Maca root

Maca Root

Maca plants have been a staple part of Peruvian medicine for centuries upon centuries, and we now have proof and scientific evidence in place that helps to showcase the many health benefits of the humble maca plant. Researchers and health experts have concluded that maca plant root extract can greatly enhance sperm mobility, as well as seminal sperm volumes and sperm counts as well. Ideally you should be aiming for between 1500mg and 3000mg per day of maca root extract in order to see the most impressive results, and if you are new to the supplement, you should always begin on the lower end of the spectrum to help assess your tolerance to the supplement. On top of that, experts also found that maca root extract can also have substantial libido-enhancing benefits as well, which means that sexual desire will also receive a boost.

Drink less alcohol

If you’re partial to a drink, or two, or ten, on a regular basis, then you may wish to knock that on the head for a while if you’re planning on increasing your chances of having kids, or even if you’re just looking to boost your sperm counts in general. Alcohol greatly affects the function and performance of the liver, which can then lead to an increase in Estrogen levels. Estrogen is the female sexual hormone and is the equivalent of testosterone, and whilst it is naturally found in men’s bodies too, the amounts naturally found are very low. When these levels increase however, Estrogen can actually interfere with testosterone, and can nullify all of the benefits provided by testosterone. Put simply, the more estrogen you have in your system, the less effective testosterone becomes. As testosterone plays a key role in sperm production, that gives a pretty clear indication of just how important it is. Not only that, but alcohol can also affect libido, blood flow, and self confidence, which are all hardly beneficial for somebody trying to improve their sexual health and function. Of course a little alcohol now and then is fine, as studies have found that a glass of red wine a day could be beneficial for sex drives, but generally speaking, if you binge drink at the weekend, or even if you drink too much each night, you may want to switch to water instead.

Eat more bananas

Eat More Bananas

Bananas, besides looking unmistakably phallic, are also very beneficial for sexual health and function, due to the fact that they contain vitamins and minerals that provide a number of benefits to the body. One nutrient for example, is vitamin B which helps to increase stamina, meaning that you’ll be able to go for longer when you are getting down and dirty. However, bananas also contain an enzyme known as bromelain, which greatly enhances a man’s sex drive and libido, as well as sperm counts as well. Pineapples are another fruit that naturally contain bromelain, and, believe it or not, but the bromelain found in pineapples can actually penetrate the sperm cells and give the sperm a sweet smell and taste (no giggling, we’re all adults here and we all know what goes on in the bedroom).

Cut back on the masturbation

If you’re guilty of masturbating often, or even engaging in sexual activity often, then the more you ejaculate, the lower your sperm counts will be. When you think about it actually, it all makes perfect sense. So, if you are trying to increase sperm counts, you may wish to cut back on the self pleasure.

Take cold/cool showers

Take Cold/Cool Showers

When it comes to health and wellness, there is actually a very substantial amount of evidence to suggest that cold/cool showers each day, are going to be far more beneficial and effective than a steaming hot shower, and this is especially apparent when talking about sperm production. The testicles, as you all know, hang awkwardly down from the body, as opposed to residing inside of it, like a woman’s ovaries do. The reason for this is because they need to be slightly cooler than the rest of the body in order for sperm counts and productions to be at their healthiest. Experts have found that sperm mobility and speed, as well as counts, are greatly enhanced in colder temperatures as opposed to hotter ones, so you may wish to take cold/cool showers to help replenish your counts. If you can’t handle the thought of a cold shower, why not alternate between hot water and cold water, or finish off your shower with a quick rinse of cold water before you step out to dry off?

Stop smoking

If you don’t smoke then well done, you don’t need to read this next section and you don’t have to worry about the countless dangers and risks associated with the dirty and smelly habit either. If you do smoke however, if the thought of heart disease, cancer, emphysema, having less money, looking older than you are, having yellow teeth, and smelling like an ash tray isn’t enough to make you want to quit, how about the prospect of not being able to have children? Smoking creates unbalances of proteins within the testicles, which can greatly reduce sperm counts as well as sperm mobility. Oh, smoking also constricts the blood vessels and slows blood flow, so you’re more likely to suffer from impotence, erectile dysfunction, and a low sex drive as well. Wow, doesn’t smoking sound cool?