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Six things people don’t tell you about being a competitive bodybuilder

Bodybuilding is now more popular than ever before, but that doesn’t necessarily include competitive bodybuilding. Whilst there are more and more people hitting the gym and lifting weights to improve their physiques, more and more people are also making the decision to step on stage and become a competitive bodybuilder. Though in their heads, people […]
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6 Things We Wished We Had Known Before We Began Lifting

Lifting weights at the gym is extremely rewarding as you not only get to let off a little steam, you also get to do something productive and see your body responding positively in the process. Training in the gym is therapy for a lot of people, and just like life, you get out of it […]
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6 life hacks all bodybuilders should know

When you take up bodybuilding, it doesn’t matter whether you plan to step on stage, or simply to look great during the summer, you need to realize that you are taking on an entirely different lifestyle. Bodybuilding isn’t simply about lifting weights in the gym a few days per week, and chugging down protein shakes, […]
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Six Things People Won’t Tell You about Losing Weight

If you’ve ever lost weight, or attempted to lose weight, it’s probably safe to assume that you didn’t enjoy the experience. If you were successful, you will no doubt have enjoyed the results, but the journey to get there, well, the less said about that the better. Losing weight is tough, there is no getting […]
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The Ultimate Winter Fitness Survival Guide

Unless you’re reading this from the Southern Hemisphere, you’ll no doubt be aware that Fall is now right upon us. Hot summer sunshine, barbeques, and beach days seem like distant memories now. What’s more is the fact that for many, things are only set to get worse. We’ve still several weeks of Fall left, and […]
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Four Effective Ways To Stay Motivated To Lose Fat

Every single day, men and women of all ages, all over the world are trying various diets and weight loss regimes designed to help them lose body fat. As a race we’re getting fatter, and that isn’t a generalisation either, there are hard scientific facts to back up this statement. The number of obese individuals […]
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