6 life hacks all bodybuilders should know

6 life hacks all bodybuilders should know

When you take up bodybuilding, it doesn’t matter whether you plan to step on stage, or simply to look great during the summer, you need to realize that you are taking on an entirely different lifestyle. Bodybuilding isn’t simply about lifting weights in the gym a few days per week, and chugging down protein shakes, it is a lifestyle that must be adhered to 24/7. You will literally eat, sleep, and breathe bodybuilding, so as you can probably imagine, it will get tough at times. Like most things however, the more you know about something, the easier it will become, and with bodybuilding, things are no different. Not only will you be looking to build muscle and burn fat, you’ll also be looking to make life as simple for yourself as you possibly can. Take a look at the following life hacks all bodybuilders should know, and you’ll never look back.

Invest in plenty of shaker cups


If you’re serious about living the bodybuilder life, shaker cups should become your best friend. Most bodybuilders will simply make do with one or two cups, but in reality that is simply not enough. Though washing them will hardly take up most of your day, when you’re in a rush and are struggling to find a clean shaker cup before you hit the gym, you’ll wish you had more clean ones on hand. A bodybuilder can never have too many shaker cups, and as they only cost a few bucks, and some even come free with certain supplements, you’ll want to stock up.

Never leave shaker cups dirty

If you’ve ever left a dirty shaker cup on the side for a day or so, or in your car in the sunshine, you’ll know exactly why you should never leave dirty shaker cups. If you haven’t however, the putrid smell of protein powder and milk or water will literally make you vomit when you get a whiff. Remember, most protein powders are made from dairy, and for the same reasons as you wouldn’t leave milk out of the fridge, the same principle applies to shaker cups. After you’ve finished your shake, at the very least, give it a quick rinse until you can clean it properly. To destroy any bacteria inside the cup, wash it with hot soapy water, and perhaps consider bleaching the inside every so often as it can get quite smelly. No matter how lazy you are, you should also never leave your shaker cup in your car, for obvious reasons.

Prep and invest in Tupperware

Bodybuilders need to eat a lot of protein and a lot of healthy and balanced meals, ideally every three hours or so. Nobody has time to cook a meal every three hours, and then wash the pots and pans etc, so consider meal prepping. For example, cook off a batch of chicken breasts, do yourself a large pan of sweet potato mash, and lightly steam some broccoli. Next, take a series of Tupperware, add a chicken breast, portion of mash, and portion of broccoli to each one, put the lid on tight, and store in the fridge for the next 3 days. You can then eat these meals cold, or reheat, as and when you require them. You can even cook more and store them in the fridge for up to 4 weeks. Mix up your proteins, switch up your carbs, change your veggies, and perhaps consider using sauces and marinades. You can also never have enough Tupperware, so make sure you stock up properly.

Buy in bulk


If you’re serious about bodybuilding, you’ll know that the hard part is actually the nutritional side of things, so you’ll want to get your diet locked in properly. You will almost certainly get through a lot of typical bodybuilding foods, such as oats, chicken breasts, eggs, lean mince, potatoes, and so on. Now, if you were to buy these items individually, in small quantities, you would spend a fortune, and would have to make a lot of trips to the store as well. Instead, you should buy in bulk as this is easier, and cheaper. For example, purchasing a large 10lb pack of chicken breasts would work out much cheaper than purchasing the same weight in 500g packs. Of course you won’t eat them all at once, but you simply portion them up in sandwich bags, seal them securely, and then throw them in the deep freeze and use as and when required. Rather than a small box of oatmeal that would last, perhaps a week, instead, go for an industrial sized sack that would last a month, as by weight, it will be much cheaper.

Stock up on bodybuilding cook books

Whilst there will be days when you eat typical bodybuilder meals, at times, you will grow bored and will crave different foods. There are plenty of bodybuilding cook books currently available, that allow you to cook delicious and healthy meals, whilst still sticking to your diet. Obviously you probably won’t use them every day, but on a weekend, or when you are feeling creative, why not try cooking something new?

Look for deals on supplements

If you have certain supplements that you can’t live without, try looking online for deals and see what’s on offer. If for example, there is a certain brand you enjoy, try different sites and compare prices. If you purchase from one website and one company, keep an eye on them as they will often run promotions and deals on all kinds of supplements. It may be worth following them on social media and subscribing to mailing lists so that you are kept in the loop when they are running sales and promotions. For times when supps are on offer, you may wish to double your order and stock up, as in the long haul, you will actually be saving a decent amount of money and getting a great deal.