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Can Type 2 Diabetes Be Reversed?

With so many people now leading increasingly sedentary lifestyles, topped off with copious amounts of unhealthy junk food and not nearly enough exercise and healthy eating, it’s no wonder why we’re in the midst of an obesity epidemic that only looks set to get worse before it can possibly get better. Statistically, the human race […]
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Reasons To Get Hooked On Mackerel

We’re constantly being told that we need to watch what we’re eating and consume more healthy, fresh, and natural foods as opposed to processed junk foods yet when it comes to actually finding healthy, fresh, and natural foods that we actually enjoy eating, many of us come up a little short. As far as healthy […]
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7 Great Reasons You Should Be Using Natural Coconut Oil

Coconuts are considered one of nature’s healthiest ingredients, yet they still have a reputation for being unhealthy and bad for us, largely due to the fact that many cakes and confectionaries tend to use them and their ingredients in various unhealthy products they manufacture and sell in grocery stores and large supermarket chains. In reality […]
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