7 Great Reasons You Should Be Using Natural Coconut Oil

7 Great Reasons You Should Be Using Natural Coconut Oil

Coconuts are considered one of nature’s healthiest ingredients, yet they still have a reputation for being unhealthy and bad for us, largely due to the fact that many cakes and confectionaries tend to use them and their ingredients in various unhealthy products they manufacture and sell in grocery stores and large supermarket chains. In reality however, coconuts are incredibly healthy and beneficial, so much so in fact, that many now consider them to be a “superfood” and for good reason too. Look at natural coconut water for example, this liquid is absolutely jam-packed full of minerals and electrolytes, and it is actually used in IV drips to keep patients hydrated in certain countries overseas. Recently, coconut oil sales have boomed and this isn’t a coincidence either. More and more people are now realising just how fantastic natural coconut oil is and so for that reason we’ll now be taking a look at 7 great reasons why you should be using natural coconut oil.

It’s packed full of beneficial fats

It’s Packed Full Of Beneficial Fats

Not all fats have been created equal, which is why some are considered bad for us, whilst others are actually considered healthy and beneficial for us. Natural coconut oil is an oil that is rich in healthy and beneficial fats as it contains MCFA’s or Medium Chain saturated Fatty Acids. MCFA’s are actually healthy and beneficial forms of fats as they help strengthen the cardiovascular system, they help regulate our mood, and they can even help regulate and control our weight and improve weight loss. MCFA’s actually help our bodies to metabolize fats in our liver, which are then used as energy for the muscles and brain function immediately, rather than being broken down and stored as body fat for a later date.

Populations that consume diets rich in coconuts and coconut oil are the healthiest on the planet

Numerous studies have revealed that populations that consume at least 60% of their calories from coconuts and coconut based natural products are some of the healthiest individuals on the planet, and have incredibly long life expectancies. Tokeluans for example, who reside in the South Pacific, have extremely long life expectancies and have incredibly low levels of heart disease and heart-related health conditions.

Coconut oil is great for diabetes and regulating blood sugar

Another benefit of coconut oil is the fact that the MCFA fats contained within coconut oil can actually help to improve insulin sensitivity and resistance, which in turn helps to regulate and control blood sugar levels. Because the molecules are so small and so easily absorbed, they’re quickly absorbed into the cells in the body before quickly being converted into energy for the body itself. This helps to reduce excess body fat storage and helps to improve insulin sensitivity as well, making it ideal for managing type 2 diabetes and for regulating blood sugar levels.

It’s extremely beneficial for the immune system

It’s Extremely Beneficial For The Immune System

Coconut oil contains healthy fats including lauric acid, capric acid, and caprylic acid, all of which possess antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties which have been found to drastically increase the immune system. Lauric acid for example, contains high traces of MCFA’s, which are then taken by the body and converted into monolaurin. Monolaurin has been found to help treat conditions such as herpes, candida, influenza, and much more on top of that. Simply put, the stronger the immune system is, the less likely a person is to become ill and if they do fall ill, they will recover much quicker than average.

It’s a fantastic appetite suppressant

It may seem a little odd to be consuming an oil rich in fats to actually help lose and maintain body weight but that’s exactly what many people tend to do when they consume coconut oil. Coconut oil has been found to have appetite suppressing qualities, which experts believe is all down to the way that the fatty acids contained within are broken down and metabolized by the body. As coconut oil has been found to suppress the appetite, many people looking to lose weight actually incorporate it into their weight loss routines because the less hungry you are, the less you eat and the less you crave.

It helps improve brain function

It Helps Improve Brain Function

Coconut oil is also rich in Medium-Chain Triglycerides, which, when digested, will actually make their way directly to a person’s liver. From here they are broken down and are synthesized into chemical compounds known as ketone bodies. These compounds have been proven to have an incredibly beneficial effect on numerous brain and cognitive disorders, including Alzheimer’s and Epilepsy. Especially high concentrations of ketones in a person’s blood have also been found to reduce seizures in individuals suffering from drug resistant epilepsy. These ketones also help to provide an alternative source of energy for cells within the brain, which overtime may have lost the capability to process glucose sugar, which is a leading cause of Alzheimer’s.

It’s great for beauty purposes as well

If cooking with coconut oil isn’t your thing, it can also be used for numerous beauty purposes as well, yielding some pretty amazing results. Two of the most common beauty-related uses of coconut oil are as a moisturiser for the skin, and as a conditioner or hair mask for the hair. For moisturising, the oil, which is actually a solid below temperatures of 26 degrees Celsius, is applied to the hands and is rubbed and worked until it becomes smooth and creamy before it is applied to the skin, just as you would with a moisturising cream or lotion. As a hair mask, after shampooing, the oil should be melted in a jar or bottle under the hot water, where it is then applied to the hair and is carefully worked through each eat strand. Next it is left to do its thing for at least five minutes, before it is thoroughly rinsed under warm water. The hair will now shine, will feel soft and smooth, and will smell absolutely delicious as well.


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