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What's the difference between Pre-workout and gaming supplements?

One of the best things about supplements is the fact that they can help you...
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Key Reasons Why Your Pre-Workout Formula Isn’t Working

We all experience dips in energy and motivation from time to time. This is perfectly normal every now and then, yet some sadly experience dips that they can’t seem to snap out of. As a bodybuilder, athlete, or simply a fitness enthusiast, this is extremely frustrating. These people love nothing more than hitting the gym […]
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Feeling Tired? – Natural ways to increase your energy levels

We’ve all had days where we just cannot find the energy to perform even the smallest of tasks, and we all probably know how difficult feeling like this can be, especially if you’ve got things to do. When your energy levels are dragging, rather than getting up and exercising, you probably choose to lounge around […]
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The Effects Of Caffeine And Running

For most people it seems, running is a sport/discipline, that has very, very mixed results with opinions split right down the middle in terms of popularity. Some people absolutely love running and can literally run for hours upon hours at a time, whilst barely breaking a sweat. Others however, seem to dislike running with a […]
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8 Pros And Cons Of Low Carb Diets

Low-carb diets have been around for a number of decades now, made famous by a certain Dr Atkins, of ‘The Atkins Diet’ fame, but for a while they seemed to die down and go into hibernation for several years, decades in fact. Then, all of a sudden, a number of Hollywood celebs and other individuals […]
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8 Nutrients And Supplements For A Healthy Heart

When it comes to our health and well-being, sadly, it’s safe to say that, for the most part at least, the majority of us are simply not doing all that we can in order to ensure we’re looking after our health properly. Obesity levels are sky high, diabetes levels are constantly on the rise, the […]
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