What's the difference between Pre-workout and gaming supplements?

What's the difference between Pre-workout and gaming supplements?

One of the best things about supplements is the fact that they can help you in a variety of different ways. 

The supplement industry has come a heck of a long way over the last couple of decades, and whereas before, supplements were designed to promote general health or assist with athletic performance, nowadays we have supplements that can provide very unique and very specific benefits. 

If, decades ago, we’d told you that there would be supplements designed specifically for gaming, you’d have laughed and thought we were being sarcastic. Here we are in 2022 however, and that is precisely what we have, and much more besides. 

Now, some pessimistic individuals would argue that gaming supplements are just pre-workout supplements re-branded with a fancy label featuring video game themes. The truth of the matter, though, is that although they share some similarities, gaming supps and pre-workout supps are actually very different. 

Here’s a look at both and what sets them apart from one another. 


What are gaming supplements?


Gaming supplements, as the name implies, are supplements that have been specially formulated to assist people when they are gaming. 


These supplements are made up of potent cutting-edge formulas designed to help Esports enthusiasts, competitive gamers, gym-goers, and even casual gamers, get the most out of their gaming/activities. 


Gaming supplements are primarily designed to boost physical and mental energy. They provide increases in concentration, increases in energy, they improve cognitive health, they boost endurance, and they can enhance reflexes, coordination, and reaction times. 


Containing ingredients such as caffeine, taurine, CoQ10, Panax Ginseng, L-Theanine, L-tyrosine, and many more, gaming supplements help provide focus, energy, and concentration to keep you physically and mentally sharp during a gaming session. 


What are pre-workout supplements?


Again, as the name implies, pre-workout supplements are supplements that have been specially formulated to be used before a workout. 


On days when you just cannot find the motivation to get into the gym and go workout, pre-workout supplements are perfect. 


Pre-workout supplements primarily contain caffeine, which acts as a stimulant on the mind and the body, providing physical and mental energy. This not only helps you get motivated to train, it also helps to increase your energy levels so you can train harder and with a greater intensity, while also generating more power, and establishing a stronger mind-muscle connection. 


Pre-workout supplements contain stimulants such as caffeine and taurine, as well as beta-alanine, creatine monohydrate, AAKG, and many more ingredients which promote physical and mental energy increases. 


Energy, mental focus, and power are the primary benefits associated with pre-workout supplements, which is why some people assume they’re the same as gaming supplements. Rest assured however, the two are very different. 


What’s the difference between gaming supplements and pre-workout supplements?


Other than one set of supplements being designed for gaming, and the other set being designed for use before a workout, what sets gaming supplements apart from pre-workout supps? Well, quite a lot as it turns out. 


While both supplements contain similar ingredients, pre-workout supplements contain considerably more stimulants such as caffeine, because physical exercise requires more physical energy and endurance than gaming. Pre-workout supplements contain other ingredients designed to boost physical energy levels and enhance athletic performance. 


Gaming supplements, however, are nootropics and are designed primarily to provide increased cognitive health and function. 


Gaming supplements help assist with mental focus and concentration, though they do also provide physical energy increases that would improve athletic performance. 


Can you use gaming supplements as a pre-workout?


Despite gaming supplements containing fewer stimulants, less caffeine, and fewer ingredients designed to increase athletic performance, gaming supplements can indeed be used as a pre-workout supplement. 


Gaming supplements are great for people who struggle to find the mental energy needed to go and train, and to establish a strong mind-muscle connection. They’re also great for people more sensitive to caffeine and stimulants, but who still need a little pick-me-up when training. 


If a pre-workout supplement is too powerful for you, a gaming supplement could serve as a very worthy replacement. 


It is worth noting however, that pre-workout supplements should not be used instead of a gaming supplement as they are far more potent, and are designed mainly with physical performance in mind. 


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