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Paleo Diet Tips for Losing Weight

If you want to drop those stubborn pounds and improve your health and well-being in the process, why not try the paleo diet? Though the diet is not designed primarily with weight loss in mind, one of the added bonuses of the paleo diet is the fact that it does help people to burn off […]
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Top tips for building boulder shoulders

If you’re looking to step up your training for the summer months ahead, you’ll no doubt want to build a symmetrical, muscular, and aesthetic physique. This means that all body parts should be treated and trained equally, at least, that’s assuming you’re already fairly symmetrical. If however, you perhaps have different sized muscle groups, you […]
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Tips for strong and powerful legs

You’ve heard the saying and have seen the memes online about how ‘friends don’t let friends skip leg day’ and although hilariously dramatic, the message is clear and apt. To a true bodybuilder, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing somebody walking around with a large, powerful, and impressive upper-body, and a set of skinny, […]
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6 Ridiculous Bro Science Fitness Myths You Need to Stop Believing

If you frequent the various health and fitness forums online, along with the accompanying social media pages, chances are you will be familiar with the term ‘Bro Science’. If you aren’t, then allow us to bring you up to speed. Basically, in simple terms, Bro Science is advice given out by an unqualified guy, or […]
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7 Things that are Sabotaging your Fitness Goals

The road to optimal health and fitness is a long exhausting, and bumpy one, with many, many obstacles along the way. If you are able to adapt, persevere, and overcome however, you’ll one day reach your chosen destination and will be glad you embarked upon your epic journey. Getting fit and healthy is extremely tough, […]
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A Simple Guide to Testosterone

As a male looking to get big and jacked, no hormone in the human body will be more interesting to you than testosterone. We know how much of a struggle it is to build muscle and/or burn fat simultaneously, and that’s assuming that your testosterone levels are normal. If they’re low, you’ll find the entire […]
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