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7 Downsides of Being a Bodybuilder

If you consider yourself a bodybuilder, either competitively, or simply for staying in shape, you’ll know that the life of a bodybuilder isn’t always an easy one. To outsiders, the bodybuilding lifestyle may be somewhat glamorous, as there will be photoshoots, competitions, supplement sponsorships, and expos across the world. Whilst a select few bodybuilders and […]
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6 Unspoken Laws Of The Gym

If any of you have worked out in an especially busy gym, during peak hours perhaps, you’ll know right off the bat, exactly how frustrating it can be with all of the different people there. With different gyms, you will find different faces and different personalities, and naturally, sometimes there can be clashes. As a […]
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Seven Great Benefits Of Learning Martial Arts

We’re constantly being told that in order to live a healthier, happier, and more productive life, that as well as eating healthy foods low in unhealthy fats, we should also become more active and get more physical exercise. Whilst exercising and working out regularly is indeed extremely beneficial, the problem for many is that they […]
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