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How NOT to use fat burning supplements

Fat burners, sometimes known as thermogenic supplements, are very popular supplements amongst bodybuilders and individuals looking to become leaner and more ripped. Losing body fat is incredibly difficult at the best of time, but if you’re only a couple of pounds overweight, the less fat there is on your frame, the harder it is to […]
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How To Calculate Your BMI, And What It Is Used For

If you ever visit the doctor, either for a specific reason, or simply for a routine check up, one of the first things that they may measure, is your BMI. Your BMI stands for your Body Mass Index, and as well as being a very important component in terms of health, it is also […]
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How To Bulk And Keep Your Abs

For many people, the entire basis behind an aesthetically pleasing physique is a muscular and ripped physique, complete with a set of defined abs. Yes, in terms of aesthetics, a six pack simply has to be present in most people’s eyes, and if you’ve ever seen somebody with a fantastic six pack, you’ll instantly understand […]
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How To Minimize Muscle Loss Whilst Dieting

With spring now pretty much upon us, the summer months will be hot on its heels and before you know it will be basking in red hot temperatures, lathering ourselves in sun cream, complaining about being too hot, and being forced to strip down and wear less layers as we’d simply be too hot otherwise. […]
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How To Structure Your Workouts/Training On An Intermittent Fasting Protocol

For those of you out there with a vested interest in health and fitness, you’ll already no doubt be aware of the fact that diet and nutrition both play integral parts in enabling you to reach your goals and objectives, whatever they may be. For example, for anybody trying to bulk up and increase their […]
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How To Reduce Overtraining

Have you ever heard the expression that ‘you can have too much of a good thing’? If so, then this statement is actually pretty accurate and can be applied to a number of different scenarios in everyday life. Take exercise and physical fitness for example. We all know how incredibly beneficial exercise and regular physical […]
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