How NOT to use fat burning supplements

How NOT to use fat burning supplements

Fat burners, sometimes known as thermogenic supplements, are very popular supplements amongst bodybuilders and individuals looking to become leaner and more ripped. Losing body fat is incredibly difficult at the best of time, but if you’re only a couple of pounds overweight, the less fat there is on your frame, the harder it is to shift. What’s more, if you’re looking to really become shredded and to drop down into single digit body fat numbers, getting those last few pounds off can be hell. Often you will find individuals turning to fat burners to help them. Fat burning supplements are very effective when used correctly, but make no mistake about it, they are also potentially very dangerous if they’re misused. Fat burners contain a variety of ingredients, including natural herbs, stimulants such as caffeine, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and other chemicals. They are designed to increase energy levels, curb hunger cravings, speed up the metabolism and increase the burning of body fat, and to help provide impressive fat loss results on a regular basis. Misusing these potent supplements however, will not only result in them becoming less effective, but more importantly, it could put your life at risk. Here’s a look at a few tips on how NOT to use fat burning supplements.

Do not use with energy drinks and caffeinated products


One common mistake that people make when using fat burning supplements, and one which has sadly resulted in people losing their lives in the past, is trying to use fat burners with energy drinks and other caffeinated products. Caffeine is arguably the most thermogenic ingredient found in fat burners, as this stimulant ramps up the metabolism like there is no tomorrow. If you consume too much caffeine however, you put your own life at risk as you are in danger of suffering from a heart attack, stroke, heart palpitations, and much more besides. Never ever think that combining fat burners with more caffeine will speed up your fat loss results because it won’t, and it will instead put your life in danger.

Do not take more than instructed

Even if you do not combine them with caffeinated products, there is still a very serious risk associated with consuming more fat burners than instructed to do so. Taking a higher dosage will not speed up your fat loss results, in fact, it could very well hinder them, which would be very disheartening and upsetting. If however, you use them as instructed to do so, the results will be more impressive than ever.

Do not take them late at night


Unless you happen to work nights you should never consume fat burners late at night, or even early on in the evening. Fat burners contain large dosages of caffeine and other stimulants, which are obviously designed to keep you feeling awake, energized, and alert. In the gym this is great, but in the evening before you plan on going to sleep, this is the last thing you want. Fat burners could indeed cause pretty severe insomnia if you consumed them too late at night, and as you know, tiredness and productivity in the gym do not go hand in hand with one another, and that is putting it mildly. For optimal results, ensure you take your fat burners as early in the day as possible, so that the caffeine is out of your system by the time you wish to go to sleep.

Don’t use them constantly

If you’re trying to cut down for the summer, a photo shoot, or a bodybuilding contest perhaps, fat burners are a great part of your cutting prep as they can be used for several weeks to help you lose those last few pounds of stubborn fat. If however, you think that fat burners can be consumed daily, like vitamins, and that they will help you to lose and maintain your weight, you are sadly very mistaken. Your body will require a break from any supplement or substance you consume, especially ones loaded full of caffeine and stimulants. This is down to the fact that ideally your body wishes to maintain a healthy and natural balance, known as homeostasis. If you constantly use fat burners the body will eventually build up a resistance to them, making them virtually useless. On top of that, all of those stimulants and chemicals will be putting a lot of strain on your heart and major organs, and you will never allow them a break. Fat burning supplements should never be used constantly, and ideally you should use them for no longer than 6 weeks at a time.

Don’t expect miracles


Whilst it is true that fat burning supplements are indeed very effective and powerful supplements when used correctly, the thing to remember is that they are still only supplements, and do not work wonders. Don’t suddenly expect to use them for a few days, to barely exercise and to eat junk and still burn fat because you won’t. To get the most out of them you will need to watch your diet, exercise regularly, and use them as instructed. They will not suddenly help you to drop 20lbs in a couple of days, but they will help speed up the fat loss process. You also should not base your expectations off of somebody else’s results, as we are all different and we all respond differently to different things.

Do not cheat on your diet

If you were hoping that fat burners would allow you to cheat on your diet, or to perhaps be a lot less disciplined when dieting, then unfortunately you are going to be disappointed. Fat burners do not work miracles as previously stated, and so if you are constantly eating junk, or not sticking to your diet, this will show on your waistline and when you hop onto the scales. Cheating on your diet means that essentially you have wasted your money on your fat burners, which are not cheap, so if you are serious about dropping weight, you must ensure you stick to your diet.


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