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Athlete Profile: TJ Laramie

T.J. grew up in Windsor’s east end with his parents and siblings. He’s been in the area for as long as he can remember. Sadly, in 2005, he lost his older brother and his mother. Not long after they had passed away, he moved in with his aunt for close to five years. Near the […]
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Athlete Profile: Richie Keirouz

-42yrs old  -Director of Sales -Married Father of two teenage daughters -Bodybuilding Champion -Published Fitness Model -Canadian Physique Alliance Judge I am extremely motivated and driven to be successful in all aspects of life. My passion is fitness. I love being in control of how I look and feel everyday. Even more, I love motivating […]
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Shawn Bourgeois Bio

My attraction to the weight room began at a young age through competitive sports. Over the years I was able to work with many coaches (good and bad) that provided me with a solid foundation of strength and conditioning principles. Once my pursuit of professional athletics ended, my training focus shifted on to building the […]
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Athlete Profile: Tony Smith

5’9 180lbs Bench 350 Squat 475 Deadlift 501 1.5 mile run 8:40 2000m row 6:52 I have been a police officer for 18 years, 10 of which were spent on the tactical unit. I spent the final 6 years on the swat team as the team leader. As a tactical operator, I conducted over 5000 […]
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Athlete Profile: Angela Magyar

My name is Angela Magyar and I am an overall fitness enthusiast, Nurse and mother. Fitness became a huge part of my life when I was in high-school. I worked at Taco Bell and I had gained weight from eating unhealthy and lack of exercise. I woke up one day and decided to go to […]
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Athlete Profile: Christine Castro

My greatest passion is powerlifting. I’ve always had a competitive edge to that made me work harder to accomplish my goals. I am currently known as a competitive powerlifter in both the 63kg and 72kg open class. My first competition was in 2015, two years later, I was able to obtain the 63kg Open National […]
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