Athlete Profile: Courtney Ustrzycki

Athlete Profile: Courtney Ustrzycki

Courtney is a strong, ambitious and educated athlete.

She has been in the health and fitness industry for over a decade, and has successfully built her own brand with the purpose to educate and guide athletes to eat with balance, lift with passion, and live with intent.

She believes that nutrition reigns superior in the kingdom and that quality supplementation can drastically improve quality of health and athletic performance, which is why she has been committed to Canadian Protein since 2014.

Courtney is a competitive powerlifter with goals of continually improving her sport performance and ranking in the powerlifting community. She started powerlifting in 2016 and has resulted in a leaner and stronger physique, improved sports performance, and enhanced her overall quality of life.

Whether it’s the barbell or with nutrition, Courtney approaches her opportunities and challenges head-on and with purpose. Courtney educates her athletes with science-backed research from formal education and certifications, workshops and seminars from industry leaders, and from her own personal experiences. She has created a community of athletes who have learned to fuel their body with quality nutrition and supplementation, and shape their physique through strength training.

Although she may not be the biggest or the strongest, she is confidently one of the most passionate, honest, and hard-working athletes in the community.

Courtney’s favourite Canadian Protein products include:

Premium vegan protein blend (chocolate flavour)

Egg white protein

New Zealand whey isolate (naturally sweetened with stevia, vanilla flavour)

Canadian Maple flavour pack


Branched-chain amino acids (blue raspberry flavour)

Citrulline malate


You can find Courtney here:


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