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Four unique training techniques to help build new muscle

Bodybuilding is one of the most difficult and potentially stressful sports and pastimes in the entire world, especially when you just can’t seem to make any real progress, no matter how hard you may be trying. When training to build muscle, of course you will go through phases where one minute you’re seemingly growing by […]
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6 Things We Wished We Had Known Before We Began Lifting

Lifting weights at the gym is extremely rewarding as you not only get to let off a little steam, you also get to do something productive and see your body responding positively in the process. Training in the gym is therapy for a lot of people, and just like life, you get out of it […]
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Anabolic Hormones to control to Increase your Muscle Mass

To say that building muscle is difficult, would be like saying that quantum mechanics is difficult, as building muscle naturally is one of the hardest things to do in the entire world. Despite this however, it can still be done very efficiently if you know what you’re doing. Knowledge is power, and in the bodybuilding […]
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