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How Many Sets Per Exercise Is Optimal?

If you’re looking to really step up your training game this summer, and are looking to pack lean muscle mass onto your frame as quickly as possible, you need to first find the best training routine and style that works for you. First off, if you’re looking to transform your body quickly, that is unfortunately […]
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What Are The Benefits Of Taking Citrulline Malate?

Looking after our health should be at the top of our list of priorities and unfortunately for many of us, that simply is not the case. We eat junk, we’re not active enough, and we aren’t getting enough of the natural goodness that our bodies so desperately require. There are numerous health supplements out there […]
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4 Simple And Effective Tips For Increasing Your Strength

We all have different goals, targets, and aspirations in life, just as we all have our own unique passions. This is especially evident when you look at people who engage in physical activity and exercise on a regular basis. Some people love cardio and endurance work and will run for hours upon hours over each […]
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The Ultimate Guide To Building Muscle And Increasing Your Strength

Hypothetically speaking of course, if you were given the chance to wake up the next morning with the physique of your choosing, which would you go for? A flabby, pasty, weak, and overweight body with scrawny arms and a beer belly, or a lean, ripped, muscular, powerful looking body that would make a Greek God […]
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Five Common Bodybuilding Mistakes That Are Hindering Your Gains

Bodybuilding is an incredibly complex sport, far more complex than many people give it credit for in fact, which is one of the reasons why it is so difficult to break through into. People who don’t actually know that much about the sport, will tell you how easy it is, and will say things like […]
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Four Health And Fitness Benefits Of Whey Protein Supplements

If we had the choice, 9 times out of 10, we’d much rather be blessed with a lean, ripped, powerful, and muscular physique rather than a scrawny and flabby body instead. Unfortunately we can’t just snap our fingers and alter our bodies, we must instead dedicate a great deal of time and hard work into […]
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