Athlete Profile: Richie Keirouz

Athlete Profile: Richie Keirouz


-42yrs old 

-Director of Sales

-Married Father of two teenage daughters

-Bodybuilding Champion

-Published Fitness Model

-Canadian Physique Alliance Judge

I am extremely motivated and driven to be successful in all aspects of life. My passion is fitness. I love being in control of how I look and feel everyday. Even more, I love motivating people to make their lives extraordinary through fitness, health and nutrition. I firmly believe that when you are in optimum shape, not only does your body look and function at it’s best, but your mind is in it’s sharpest and most focused state. One of my favorite sayings is “Mens Sana In Corpore Sano”, which means “A Sound Mind In A Healthy Body”.

My objective is to show people that no matter what position you are in in your life right now, you can take it to an extraordinary level and be successful beyond your imagination though fitness, nutrition, and a positive state of mind.