Six Of The Top Enzyme Supplements On The Market Today

Our bodies are incredibly complex organisms, and are far more complicated and complex than many of us could ever imagine. When it comes to the foods and drinks that we consume, many of us take these for granted and simply consume them without really paying much attention to what they are, and why we need them. Once consumed, it is then down to our bodies to digest them, break them down, and extract all of the nutrients and natural goodness from each food/drink ingredient. When it comes to digestion, enzymes within our bodies are incredibly beneficial and are vital in actual fact, yet most of us don’t really know all that much about them. Sure, we’ve probably heard of enzymes, but could we really provide a description of them if asked? Enzymes are primarily comprised of numerous amino acids and are actually synthesized and secreted via the human body to basically work as catalysts to speed up various processes. There are more than 3000 separate enzymes currently known, with many more surely to be discovered in the future, and what is especially remarkable about these enzymes, is the fact that each one has its own unique function and provides its own unique benefits to the human body. Obviously we can’t talk about every single one of the 3000 or so enzymes currently known, but what we can do, is look at some of the most potent and effective enzyme supplements on the market today. So, without any further hesitation, let’s take a more direct look at some of these digestive enzyme supplements.



Also referred to as FOS, these digestive enzymes are actually derived naturally from plants, specifically from natural sugars within the plants and they act as a form of prebiotic within the human body. The human body heavily relies upon these types of bacteria as they assist with digestion and numerous other processes. When we consume foods, we need to digest them and break them down to extract their natural nutrients, which is why these FOS enzymes are so effective. You see, these friendly bacteria that are present within the stomach and the digestive tract, need food to survive just like other organisms. Where do they get their food from? – From prebiotics such as the FOS enzymes. Even though these bacteria can absorb nutrients from other foods we consume, studies have found that FOS enzymes are one of their preferred sources of nutrition. The healthier these bacteria in your digestive system are, the healthier your digestion will be in the process.


Out of all of the different forms of digestive enzymes currently available, chances are that probiotics will be the ones that you will have heard of in the past and will be most familiar with. Probiotics are actually forms of healthy bacteria, also known as Flora, which are naturally present within the intestines. Probiotics are often found in natural Yoghurt and similar supplements, and have been found to play vital roles in the digestion and uptake of the food from our diet. Probiotics have been found to greatly improve intestinal health and function, whilst also working to strengthen and enhance the lining of the intestines in general. As mentioned, these healthy bacteria are living organisms and play vital roles in digestive health and function. By adding even more to your digestive system, you are therefore able to greatly improve digestive health, helping to not only assist with nutrient absorption and uptake, but to also prevent digestive health disorders and even certain forms of cancer.



As mentioned previously, prebiotics act as nutritional sources for probiotic bacteria enzymes. Prebiotics have been proven to greatly enhance and stimulate the many beneficial effects and properties of probiotics, thus making them healthier and more effective in the process. One of the main reasons why prebiotics are considered so beneficial, is the fact that they can make the PH of the stomach and the intestines more acidic. Now, to some of you, that may sound like a bad thing, but in reality, this increase in acidity is hugely beneficial as it helps to provide perfect surroundings and environments for the absorption of nutrients such as minerals, which also play vital roles in health and well-being. As the body is able to absorb more of these minerals in these conditions, general health and well-being will greatly be increased because more of these beneficial minerals will be absorbed by the body.


Bioperine is actually naturally derived from the fruits of pepper plants. It is a standardized natural extract from long pepper and black pepper and it has been found to help assist the body with the uptake of certain nutrients. As well as assisting with nutrient absorption, Bioperine has also proved effective at boosting the immune system and, increasing the metabolism as well. If you read the ingredients labels of many powerful fat burning supplements, you’ll see that bioperine is often listed as an active ingredient. This enzyme increases core body temperature, which in turn causes an exothermic reaction, producing heat and therefore burning more calories. For weight loss and digestion, Bioperine enzymes are extremely effective.


Cellulase is an enzyme which is responsible for helping to break down plant fiber and other general plant materials within the body after they have been consumed. For example, there are many plants, herbs, and vegetables that naturally contain the majority of their nutrients within their cell walls. Ordinarily, as they are protected within the cell walls, the body is unable to extract and absorb them, meaning that it misses out on these nutrients. Cellulase however, breaks down these plant fibers and helps make these nutrients that were previously hidden away, accessible for the human body.


Lipase enzymes are responsible for breaking down fats which have been consumed via our diets. Lipase enzymes are responsible for performing crucial roles in regards to the digestion of fat, as well as the processing and the transportation of healthy fat and oils, also known as lipids.