The Top Amino Acid Supplements For Your Skin

The Top Amino Acid Supplements For Your Skin

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Taking care of our bodies, both from the inside and on the outside, is incredibly beneficial to us for so many different reasons that listing them all would be near impossible. We all want to look and feel our absolute best, which is why we choose to use these supplements and products in the first place. The problem that many people seem to have, is that they aren’t actually sure which supplements to use, or that perhaps they’re a little too gullible and they tend to find themselves being suckered in by clever marketing and advertising campaigns making outrageous claims about certain supplements and beauty products that simply are not true. When it comes to skin health and skin care for example, the health and beauty industry is thriving thanks in part to the sheer popularity of skin-care creams, moisturizers, and various other treatments that, whilst being marginally effective, are nowhere near as potent and effective as companies would have us believe. You may not realise it, but amino acid supplements are incredibly effective from a skin-care perspective, for a whole host of different reasons. There are so many amino acid supplements out there that it can be easy to find ourselves becoming overwhelmed when trying to find the best supplements based upon our own preferences, goals, and targets and so to help make life a little easier, of skin care and skin health are your primary objectives, here are 4 amino acids that can prove very useful to you indeed.



Lysine is a potent and powerful amino acid naturally found within many high protein foods such as meat, yoghurt, fish, and various other animal proteins in the process. Lysine is an essential amino acid which means that our bodies require it on a daily basis, yet they cannot naturally synthesize it like they can with some other amino acids, and so we need to get it from a dietary source instead. As well as being found naturally in high protein foods, Lysine is also now available in supplement form, which is what has everybody so excited about, meaning that getting enough into our bodies on a daily basis is now easier than ever. As far as skin health is concerned, Lysine is especially potent and effective because it has been found to naturally boost collagen productions within the body. Collagen is essential for skin elasticity and plumpness, which basically means that the more collagen we have, the firmer and fuller our skin looks. Also, incidentally, an added bonus from a health and beauty point of view, is that collagen also promotes healthy hair, so you get a two in one with Lysine as it helps keep the skin looking healthier and younger, along with your hair in the process.


One of the main reasons why Carnitine has proven so popular over the last few years, is because it is considered by many, to be the most effective amino acid when it comes to fat loss. Studies have revealed that Carnitine helps us to lose fat by allowing the body to take fat, both from our diets and that stored on our bodies, and use it as a primary source of energy, rather than glucose sugars which come from carbohydrates. What does all of this have to do with skin health? Well, think about it, the leaner you are, the healthier your skin will look as a result because the more fat you’re carrying, the more saggy and unattractive your skin tends to look. The less fat you’re carrying and the more muscle you’re carrying instead, the better your skin will look.

Essential amino acids

Essential Amino Acids

There are a number of different amino acids required by our bodies, some of them our bodies can actually synthesize naturally, whilst others they cannot, and so these amino acids have to come from dietary sources instead such as from whole foods or in supplements. The amino acids which the body can naturally synthesize itself are known as non-essential amino acids, because, well, if it can make them itself why would getting even more be so essential? The amino acids which the body cannot and does not synthesize itself however, are known as essential amino acids, and it is essential amino acids in particular, which have been found to play such an important role in skin care and health, thanks to their ability to help boost naturally collagen production within the body. There are 9 essential amino acids, and they are:

• Leucine
• Valine
• Isoleucine
• Histidine
• Lysine (listed above)
• Methionine
• Tryptophan
• Threonine
• Phenylalanine

Without these amino acids, protein molecules cannot be naturally formed, which is especially important when it comes to skin health as each and every month, skin cells naturally repair and renew themselves, no differently to any other cells within our bodies. They are made up naturally of protein molecules and so as far as protein production goes, these essential amino acids are required in order to help generate new skin cells each month. They have been found to stimulate and increase natural build ups of collagen, which helps make the skin firmer, fuller, tougher, plumper, and more hydrated, helping to keep it looking healthy and wrinkle-free. Skin lacking collagen tends to look saggy, loose, wrinkled, thinner, and as it is unable to retain water, much dryer too.