What are the Benefits of Protein Coffee?

What are the Benefits of Protein Coffee?

Protein Coffee has quickly become one of the most popular drinks, it can be seen all over Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube and more. Protein Coffee will be able to provide you with several health benefits all in a convenient and easy to make formulation. 

Making your own protein coffee from scratch yields great benefits, but can easily turn into a long and tedious task if not done properly. Protein Coffee by Canadian Protein combines all the benefits of protein and coffee, without the hassle or complication. Simply mix with cold water, and enjoy the benefits!

Increases Alertness

Protein Coffee will increase your alertness throughout the day because you are combining caffeine with the added nutrients of protein. The main sign of a low protein intake is fatigue and lower energy levels. Protein is essentially a stronger energy source that lasts longer and you can easily consume it through protein supplements like our Protein Coffee. Caffeine is a stimulant, which means it raises brain and nervous system activity. It also boosts the body's circulation of chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline. Essentially, caffeine can help you feel energized and concentrated.

Faster Recovery

Consuming Protein Coffee will help you recover faster from your workouts and keep you feeling energized. The protein will help your muscles recover quicker because during a workout your muscles will slightly tear, this is where protein becomes vital to repair, replenish and retain muscle mass. The caffeine in Protein Coffee will work alongside the protein, it will release energy into your system. This will continue during and after your workout or exercise session, helping your body feel less drained throughout the day. 

Easy and Convenient

Making protein coffee from scratch can quickly become a long and tedious task especially in the mornings. Protein Coffee from Canadian Protein was formulated to provide you with caffeine to keep you alert all day long and provide you with the protein your muscles need for replenishment and sustainment. 


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