5 Interesting Facts About Supplements and the Supplement Industry

5 Interesting Facts About Supplements and the Supplement Industry

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Currently, the supplement industry is one of the most competitive industries in existence. Whenever there is competition in the business world, you can bet your bottom dollar that things are going well. Each year the supplement industry generates billions of dollars in profit. As a nation, we are currently buying more health and fitness supplements than ever before, and if used correctly, we’re able to reap the rewards. The problem is that not all of us are clued up properly when it comes to supplements, and we aren’t necessarily getting the most from them as a result. Here are 5 surprising facts about supplements that you probably weren’t aware of.

Multivitamins are the most popular health supplement

multivitamins are the most popular health supplement

When talking about health supplements, multivitamins are the most popular health supplement in the world. Almost 1 in 2 people that use health supplements will use multivitamins on a daily basis. What’s more, 45% of all people that use supplements take them at least five times per week, if not more.

Supplements are regulated by the FDA

The FDA, or the Food and Drug Administration, used to regulate health and sports supplements in the same way as it regulates foods. In 2007, though, this changed. Now, thanks to the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices, things have changed. Nowadays, all supplements must:  

  • Be labelled accurately
  • Not contain any impurities or contaminants
  • Be produced and manufactured in a quality manner

Because of this, the general public can enjoy additional peace of mind, knowing that the supplements they are using are beneficial, and are what they say they are on the packaging.

Supplements are no substitute for whole foods

When it comes to your diet, there really is no substitution for whole foods. No matter your health, or your fitness objectives, it is important to remember that supplements are not designed to serve as a substitute for wholesome foods. To get the most out of your supplements you should use them in conjunction with a healthy diet.

Some people might not be absorbing certain nutrients

some people might not be absorbing certain nutrients

In terms of popularity, vitamins A, D, E, and K are all up there. These vitamins provide a whole variety of health benefits, ranging from healthy vision to strong immunity, healthy bones, and healthy joints. As well as being found in certain foods, these individual vitamins can be consumed in supplement form. It turns out, though, that not everybody is absorbing them properly. You see, these vitamins are fat soluble. This means that they can only be broken down and absorbed in the presence of fat. So, if you consume these vitamins without any fats, they basically go to waste. This is why it is recommended to consume fat-soluble vitamins alongside a fish oil supplement, or to eat a healthy meal containing healthy fats, alongside them.

Bodybuilding supplements are very popular

Whereas multivitamins are popular in the health supplement industry, in the world of sports supplementation, bodybuilding supps rule the roost. For over three decades now, whey protein concentrate has been the number 1 best-selling supplement. The second most popular supplement is creatine monohydrate, which is another supp popular amongst bodybuilders.