4 Gym Hygiene Tips

4 Gym Hygiene Tips

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Right now, you certainly don’t need anybody to talk to you about the importance of good hygiene.


If, several months ago, somebody had told you that washing your hands could potentially save thousands of lives, you’d have looked at them as if they’d lost their minds, and yet here we are several months later in the midst of a global pandemic.


The good news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel, we are starting to get back in control, and lockdowns and restrictions across the globe are being eased, or lifted entirely.


If, like most people, you’ve really missed the gym then it is highly likely that your local gym will soon be open for business.


If hygiene in the gym is a concern for you, there are things you can do to be cleaner and hygienic in the gym, whether or not in the grip of a worldwide pandemic.


Here are 4 gym hygiene tips to check out.


Regularly wash your hands


By now, it’s likely that washing your hands regularly is as common as brushing your teeth in a morning.


When gyms start to open up, be sure to regularly wash your hands between working sets, after opening doors, and handling equipment and machines.


Gyms will almost certainly provide hand sanitizing stations and plenty of hand washing stations so make use of them and be sure to wash your hands regularly to help keep the gym and its equipment safe, clean, and sterile.


Wipe down machines and equipment


Whether or not you are in the midst of a pandemic, you should always wipe down gym equipment and machines out of common courtesy to other gym goers.


When working out, you sweat and consequently, the sweat in question will find itself on benches, machines, and weights after you’ve used them.


The last thing another gym member will want will be to go to use a bench or machine, only to find it soaked in your sweat.


After you finish training, spray down the bench/machine/piece of equipment with anti-bacterial spray and give it a wipe down.


Bring your own water bottle


A lot of commercial gyms have communal water fountains.


Staying hydrated when working out is essential, not only for your athletic performance, but for your health in general.


Despite this, if you drink directly out of the fountain, or handle the fountain and surrounding areas unnecessarily, you could potentially spread germs, and besides which, it isn’t nice for other members.


To get around this issue, simply bring your own water bottle and carefully fill it from the fountain, handling the area as little as possible.


When you are done, give it a quick wipe down and you’re all set.


Don’t touch your face


It’s only when you’re told not to do something, that you notice just how much you do it.


Recently, we’ve been told to stop touching our faces as the eyes, mouth, and nose are all pathways for germs, bugs, and bacteria to enter the body.


If you handle a set of dumbbells with somebody else’s germs on them, and then touch your mouth, the germs could then enter your body and infect you.