Unique Ways Of Earning Money In The Fitness Industry

Unique Ways Of Earning Money In The Fitness Industry

The health and fitness industry is, without question, one of the most popular and potentially lucrative industries a person could ever wish to get into, and what’s more, it is also incredibly rewarding. Not only is it rewarding financially, it is also spiritually rewarding because you get to embrace your passion and you get to help other people better themselves and achieve their goals and targets in the process. Getting into the health and fitness industries however, is far easier said than done, as not only should you have a keen interest in health and fitness, but you should also be knowledgeable on the subjects, and of course, being in great shape doesn’t hurt either. The good news is that there are more ways of earning money in the health and fitness industries than a lot of people realize, and to help emphasize this point, here’s a look at some of the most effective examples of how you can do just that.

Personal training


First and foremost, the most obvious way of making money in the health and fitness industry is with personal training. Personal training however, is certainly not an easy career choice as it is physically and mentally demanding. Some people choose to become self-employed personal trainers, whereas others can be employed at gyms and leisure centres. If you choose to become self-employed, assuming that you can find clients, you then need to find somewhere to train them, which is tricky. Some gyms will offer to rent out their space to you, in exchange for a percentage of your earnings. Other trainers however, may choose to build gyms at their own homes, or to rent gyms to train their clients. Once you’ve found somewhere to train your clients, obviously you must ensure that you have the necessary insurance in place as personal training is a very risky process. No matter who you choose to train, and where you train however, becoming a PT could potentially prove to be very lucrative indeed.

Online personal training

If you are unable to find somewhere to train your clients, or if you simply choose not to become a one to one personal trainer, a great way of still making money and helping people to get in shape and achieve their goals, is to become an online personal trainer instead. Here you can communicate with your clients online, which is great because you can communicate with countless clients, who could potentially be located all over the globe. You can design customized training programs, diet programs, supplement programs, you can offer help and advice, and you can even coach them online via Skype and other similar pieces of software. Another benefit of online personal training is the fact that you don’t need to rent or purchase workout space and equipment, as everything is handled online instead.

Fitness writing


If you have a passion for fitness but are perhaps not that excited at the prospect of becoming a personal trainer, another proven method of making very good money in the health and fitness industries is to become a fitness writer. Obviously you must be a strong writer and you must have a good grasp of proper spelling, punctuation and grammar, and obviously you must be able to write original and engaging content. Supplement companies, gyms, fitness bloggers, personal trainers, nutrition companies, and countless other people in the industry will all require regular fitness content for SEO purposes, for marketing, to help drive traffic to websites, and to help increase their sales, and they obviously need to get their content from somewhere. It’s no good just searching the web and basically copy and pasting content word for word, you must be able to create unique, relevant, accurate, and exciting content. If you are able to do so, once you are established, you can potentially make very good money indeed.

Design customized training routines

Whether you are a PT or not, obviously you will want to make as much money as you possibly can, which is where designing your own customized training plans and routines could prove to be very beneficial. Not only will clients be willing to part with their hard earned cash when training with you in person, but there are many potential clients out there who would be willing to pay good money for a custom designed training program, that will help them achieve their goals and targets. Obviously you can’t just expect to fob them off with the first program you can find online, you will need to find out their goals, you’ll need to look at their strengths and weaknesses, and you’ll need to look at what they are and are not capable of doing.

Open a supplement store

Perhaps you’re not interested in getting physical with your career choice, and are instead looking for a more subdued and laid back method of making money from health and fitness? If so, then you could consider opening your own supplement store. The supplement industry is one of the most lucrative and competitive industries currently in existence, but if you can crack it, boy will you reap the rewards. When you open a supplement store, you should first decide on which supplements you wish to sell. For example, are you looking to cover all bases and to offer supplements in various sub-categories, I.E lifestyle, sexual health, bodybuilding, recovery, over 50s, etc, or would you much rather prefer to go with a standard bodybuilding-type store, stocking all of the latest protein supplements, along with various creatines, amino acids, pre-workouts, and energy drinks etc, from various supplement brands.


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