Tips to Get the Most From Push-Ups

Tips to get the most from push ups


Hey guys, I'm going to talk about four form tips for the simple push-up. A push-up is a fantastic and underrated exercise for developing a body strength and I think it's also really butchered a lot of the time so we're going to talk through a couple of points form tips for the push-up. So first and foremost is going to be body position. So if you watch my back and my like butt here a lot of times people drop their hips like this and as they're coming through a push-up and they do this kind of like position here or their hips are dropped. Not only do you want to make sure your hips are up but you actually want to tuck the hips so rather from here tuck the hips underneath. So that's going to be the first form tip. The second one is going to be arm position. So Jesse if you actually come from the top over here I'm going to show you. So a lot of times people do push ups where the elbows are flaring out like this. You don't want to do that. That causes a lot of stress on the shoulder joint here. What you want to do instead is when you get set up, have your elbows tighter to the body and shoulders pulled back and down. So something more like that. Third form tip that I have for you guys is going to be to do with your hands. So with your hands you want to make sure that you're not putting all the pressure in the wrist, but rather you actually gripping the ground with your hands. So Jesse grab a close-up of my hands here. So a lot of the issues as people put too much pressure in on the heel of their hand here and they get a lot of wrist pain. What you want to be doing instead is grabbing the ground with your fingertips just like this. And the fourth and final form tip is going to do with the neck and the shoulders. Another final mistake people make is that they shrug the shoulders up this way as they're going through a push-up. You want to make sure your shoulders down away from the ears. So time it all together, one hips tucked underneath, two elbows at about a 45 degree angle from your body, three grab the ground through hand, and four keep the shoulders down away from the ears. Done properly 10 push-ups are going to feel like 30-40 when you do them properly and it's going to be a fantastic exercise for the upper body anything from a beginner all the way up to an advanced athlete. Try that out.


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