The Best Weight Training Tips For Endomorphs

If you’re looking to improve your health, fitness, and your physique in general, then weight and resistance training is a great way to go about things. If we had the choice, a vast majority of us would be carrying much less body fat on our physiques, and much more lean muscle mass instead. The shape and size of your body isn’t simply down to what you eat and drink and which exercises you perform however, as your genetics also play a part. When we’re born, we’re assigned with a set body type. There are three different kinds: Ectomorph, mesomorph, and mesomorph. Ectomorphs are generally skinny and struggle to build muscle and gain weight. Mesomorphs are muscular and athletic and have the body shape and size that most people strive for, Endomorphs however, are different still.


Generally, endomorphs have slower than average metabolisms, and as a result they store fat more easily. They have naturally thicker frames and bones and are more prone to fat gain. They may also build and store muscle, but often the muscle is bulkier and less defined as it will be hidden by layers of fat. Obviously endomorphs can still build lean and muscular physiques, but they will need to work hard, eat healthily, and know which exercises to perform when training. Here are a few handy tips.



High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a method of training which requires users to alternate between slow paced exercise and fast paced exercise. It is most commonly performed for cardio purposes, such as on a treadmill or exercise bike, but it can also be incorporated into a circuit training-type workout as well. For example, users may perform x amount of reps using a light weight dumbbell, before performing x amount of reps at a faster pace using a heavier weight. HIIT is ideal because it is quick, intense, and it will burn a lot of calories in a short space of time. It also increases the metabolism overtime as well.

Higher reps

Though there is no real evidence to suggest that higher reps will tone muscles any less than low reps, higher reps will still help promote muscle growth and will also burn calories as well. Endomorphs generally carry more fat than average, so building muscle and burning fat simultaneously will come in extremely handy indeed. Aim to use w eight which allows you to perform between 15 and 20 reps per working set, and always go to failure.

Have a light day and a heavy day

The most effective way of building muscle and burning fat is to keep the body guessing and to mix things up. That means that on training days, you should alternate between a light day and a heavy day. We mentioned higher reps being effective for endomorphs and on your light training days, this is when you can get your high reps in. You must always work to failure, and must choose a weight that tests you, but ultimately allows you to perform at least 15 reps. On heavy days however, you will use heavier weights, and will aim for between 6 – 8 reps per working set. Both of these forms of training are ideal for muscle growth and fat loss, which is what any endomorph should be aiming for.

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