Six Things You Must Do To Burn Fat, Fast

Six Things You Must Do To Burn Fat, Fast

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With the weather turning warmer, many more of us are really looking to shift into a higher gear and really step things up as far as our physiques and our training is concerned. We can no longer hideaway under baggy, lose fitting clothing and will instead be looking to strip down, wear less, and hopefully turn a few heads the next time we hit the gym, or simply mow the lawn topless. We all want to look our best, there’s nothing shallow or vain about that in the slightest. Actually getting there and looking our best however, is a whole different kettle of fish entirely. For anybody trying to get in shape, fat is of course their sworn enemy and is something that they wish to obliterate from their body entirely. If you yourself are looking to burn body fat and build yourself a leaner, fitter, healthier looking body, here’s a look at six things you must do in order to burn fat, fast.

Speed up your training tempo

Speed Up Your Training Tempo

It doesn’t matter whether you’re running on a treadmill or are lifting weights as your primary form of exercise, the simple fact remains that if your training tempo is slow and lethargic, you just aren’t going to see the fat losses that you may have hoped to have seen. The average individual is generally more concerned with burning fat than they are with packing on lean muscle mass, so as a result of that more and more of them should speed up their training tempo when working out. This means perform reps or exercises slightly faster, and look to take less rest in between each working set. This will keep your heart rate high and will allow you to burn more calories as you will be using up more energy as a result. By planning your entire workout out ahead of time, when you finish each exercise, rather than wasting time and deciding what to do next, you will know exactly what you’re doing and can quickly get started before your heart rate drops too much.

Cycle your calories

When trying to burn body fat, diet and nutrition is even more important than exercise so getting your diet right can be your key to success. Calorie cycling is a fantastic method of really tricking your metabolism into burning calories as it simply won’t know whether it’s coming or going. Instead of consuming, say, 2000 calories each day, try consuming around 1400 calories one day, 1900 the next, 1500 the day after, and so on. This will shock your metabolism and avoid it becoming complacent. However, no matter how many calories you consume, the thing to remember is to consume them from clean and healthy sources.

Always eat breakfast

When dieting and trying to lose fat, it can be tempting to skip meals to help reduce the amount of calories you’re consuming each day. However, this is one of the worst things you can do, especially if you happen to be skipping breakfast as breakfast is what fuels your body and fires your metabolism up for the day ahead. You’ve had no food during the night so will be lacking energy when you wake up. Breakfast is the fuel you require to get up and go. Not only that, but skipping breakfast can also suppress and reduce the metabolism, which means not only will you struggle to lose fat, you’ll gain fat more easily and will constantly find yourself feeling tired and lethargic at all hours in the day.

Keep active

Keep Active

Just because you’ve been to gym already once today, don’t use that as an excuse to be lazy and do nothing for the rest of day, as that is not what you should be doing. Keeping active is a vital part of any fat-loss program and so getting as much physical activity as you possibly can is only going to benefit you in the long run. If you need milk from the store, leave the car keys on the side and walk or jog there instead. If there’s gardening or housework that needs doing, get off the sofa and force yourself to do it. Any form of physical activity is going to burn calories and will therefore be considered beneficial so resist the urge to become a couch potato.

Caffeinate your body

Caffeine is a potent stimulant that has proven extremely beneficial from a fat loss/exercise standpoint, and for very good reason as well. A quick caffeine kick is a great way of increasing your energy levels that may help force you off the sofa and into the gym. The stimulating effects of caffeine help improve our energy levels, as well as our mental focus levels in the process. Pre-workout supplements are effective, as is black coffee and green tea. Try to avoid sugary “energy” drinks as they’re often full of sugar which can lead to weight gain.

Mix up your training

The human body is great at building up resistances to certain stressors and situations which is why it’s so effective when you mix up your training and avoid following the exact same workout plans and routines for too long. For example, you may start a new workout that yields very impressive weight loss results for the first few weeks, then as the weeks go by the weight loss results will become less and less impressive until you’re barely losing any weight at all. That is because the body has now adapted to training in that way and it no longer finds it quite so testing and so it burns off less energy. By changing your workout, much like you did when mixing up your calories by calorie cycling, the body now doesn’t know whether it is coming or going and so will burn off a lot of calories in body fat to compensate. Try following one program for 6 – 8 weeks, then switching to an entirely different program for another 6 weeks, and so on.