Six Of The Main Benefits Of Full Body Workouts

Six Of The Main Benefits Of Full Body Workouts

If you’re looking to really build muscle and burn stubborn body fat, you’re probably already well aware that it takes much more than simply grabbing a set of dumbbells and performing countless curls until your arms feel like they’re going to drop off. When it comes to your training, you need to find the perfect workout routine and program that allows you to work all of your major muscle groups, especially the ones that are lagging and could perhaps do with a little improvement. Some people for example, aren’t blessed with all of the time in the world due to work, personal, and family commitments and so some people can only train on certain days, for certain amounts of time. In these instances, following a 5 day split in which you train just one body part each day will not be feasible or practical, as missing just one session could ruin your entire routine. Some people make the mistake of following the first program recommended to them, despite them not doing any real research and attempting to figure out whether it may be feasible or practical for them. when choosing a workout routine to follow, you need to think about: Your goals, your current physique, your personal preferences, and how much time you can afford to spend in the gym in the first place. Because of this, more and more people are choosing to follow full-body workouts, and rightfully so. Here’s a look at 6 major benefits associated with full body workouts.

Better time management

Better Time Management

One of the biggest advantages associated with full-body workouts, is the fact that they allow people the option of much better time management. If for example, you can’t really afford to be in the gym for more than 3 days each week, full body workouts are perfect, because 3 sessions per week is ideal. With each workout, you basically work your entire body, both upper, and lower, so you hit every major muscle group every single workout. This means that, by the end of your training week, you will have worked all muscle groups three times for that week, and will still have plenty of free time to fulfil your various other obligations, whatever they may be.

Incorporate other sports and activities

As well as bodybuilding, or simply just working out in general, many fitness enthusiasts will enjoy other forms of exercise and keeping fit, such as swimming or playing various sports perhaps. If you’re training in the gym 5 or 6 times per week, obviously you won’t have time to play sports and take part in other activities, and if you do, you’ll probably be tired from overtraining and doing too much anyways. By taking part in full body workouts however, you will have several days free to take part in other sports and forms of physical activity, without tiring yourself out and doing too much.

Enhanced testosterone boosts

Enhanced Testosterone Boosts

Numerous studies conducted over the years have actually concluded that full body workouts can lead to significant weekly testosterone increases when compared with other forms of working out, making them ideal for people with low T levels, or for people looking to increase their testosterone levels to help enhance their muscle growth and function. The main reason why full body workouts are so beneficial at increasing testosterone levels is the fact that, as the exercises should be primarily made up of compound exercises which recruit more muscle fibres, and more muscle groups when they’re performed, more testosterone is naturally synthesised, because more muscles are working simultaneously. Not only this, but the larger muscle groups, such as the quadriceps, will obviously be being worked, which again, can lead to a greater increase in natural testosterone production, leading to increased recovery rates and enhanced muscle growth.

Great for training at home

Some people don’t have access to commercial gyms for various reasons, and because of this, may think that they aren’t able to get effective workouts in at all, when in reality, that is not the case at all. For people who can only train at home, full body workouts are absolutely perfect. In reality, all you will need to perform an effective full body workout at home, is a set of dumbbells, and perhaps an adjustable weight bench, if you can find room for one. For example, dumbbells can be used to perform exercises including: Dumbbell presses, shoulder presses, lateral raises, bent over rows, triceps extensions, bicep curls, walking lunges, front raises, deadlifts, triceps kickbacks, hammer curls, and much more besides. Combine these together, and you have all of the ingredients required for a full body workout, without expensive gym equipment.

Easily structured workouts

Easily Structured Workouts

There are some bodybuilders out there who will spend hours upon hours structuring their workouts, taking every little trivial matter into account. If however, you simply want to get in and out without any messing around, full body workouts are perfect. You simply choose one exercise per body part, possibly two if you’re feeling energetic and strong, and then you simply select the weight and reps required, and hey presto. Once one body part’s out of the way, you move onto the next, and so on.

Great for losing fat

Another great benefit associated with full body workouts, is the fact that they’re ideal for losing fat. This is because you should select relatively heavy weights that really test you during each working set, and you will be performing compound exercises, meaning that other parts of the body will be being worked as well. Think about it, by performing an exercise that works multiple muscle groups, the body obviously has to work harder, will require more energy, and will burn more calories to generate this energy as a result. Combine this with the fact that recovery rates are much quicker with full body workouts, and you have the ultimate recipe for a fat losing, muscle building workout.


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