Simple Ways Of Losing Weight Without Having To Diet

Simple Ways Of Losing Weight Without Having To Diet

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Let’s face it, there’s no real way around it, dieting sucks! We all struggle with our weight from time to time, some more than others, but without question the most common method of losing weight that most people employ is to go on a diet. Diets, whilst sometimes proving effective, depending on which diet you try, do tend to be detrimental and in reality can make life pretty miserable for many of us. Not only can diets be physically draining, especially if you happen to be on an especially high calorie deficit, they can also be mentally draining as well. Dieting however, is not the only method of losing weight as we’ll be demonstrating in this article. Here we’ll be taking a look at a few simple ways of losing weight without having to diet.

Do more walking

Do More Walking

Exercise and physical activity is a great way of losing weight and if you feel the need to lose a few pounds, lace up your walking boots and do more walking. Walking not only burns calories, it also strengthens the heart, improves your stamina, and helps tone your muscles as well. As far as how much walking you perform, and where, that’s really up to you. Some of you may simply walk to the corner shop to pick up some milk or general groceries, some will take the dog for a walk around the neighbourhood, and some may head out to your local beauty spot and cover several miles.

Make healthier versions of your favourite meals

Losing weight needn’t be a miserable process, nor should it deprive you and your body of the foods that you love. If you’re trying to lose weight then don’t think that you can’t still enjoy the foods you love because you can, just by making a few healthy tweaks and alterations. If you enjoy burgers for example, why not make up a batch of extra lean burgers, grill them, drain away any excess fat, and serve them on a wholemeal bread bun with plenty of fresh salad and a small amount of ketchup or mustard perhaps? You can even add a little low-fat cheese if you wish. You can always make healthy versions of your favourite meals by leaving out unhealthy ingredients or replacing them with healthy alternatives, so take a look online and see what you can find.

Cut back on your portion sizes

Another fantastic method of losing weight by substantially reducing the amount of calories you consume is to cut back on the amount of food you consume per meal. Even if you’re eating the healthiest meal in the world, it will still contain calories and if you’re consuming more calories each day than you’re able to burn, you will gain weight. To cut back on your portion sizes, there are a few handy things you can do. To begin with, use smaller plates as this really does trick your brain into thinking you have more than you actually have. If you do still feel hungry after eating, the next thing you can try is to wait 10 – 15 minutes for your food to be fully absorbed and processed as after that time you will begin to feel fuller and more satisfied.

Drink more water

Water is absolutely essential for the human body as being properly hydrated is essential for a whole variety of different processes and bodily functions. Not only does water help to increase the metabolism, it has also been found to help keep us feeling full for longer. The next time you eat a meal, drink water before, during, and after as this will fill your stomach far quicker, making you feel fuller. If you feel full, you will eat less, and eating less means less calories consumed.