Seven Reasons Why We’re Healthier During The Summer

Seven Reasons Why We’re Healthier During The Summer

Though there are some of you out there who are not big fans of hot weather, generally people absolutely adore the warmer summer months, and consider summer their favourite season of the year. During the summer everybody is more active, we’re outdoors more, we get more done, we get a little colour onto our skin, and we’re generally slimmer and in better shape. Whether you make a conscious effort to cut down and rip up for the summer, or you simply find yourself eating less, moving more, and dropping weight as a result, this time of the year is apparently pretty ideal for those of you looking to get in shape. But why is it that we are so much healthier during the summer than we are during the winter? Well, let’s take more of an in-depth look, shall we?

We’re more active


One of the main reasons why we’re generally a great deal healthier during the summer, than we are during the winter, is because of the fact that we are more active and we get more done. During the winter, it is cold, wet, and dark, so the last thing we want to do is spend more time outdoors than we have to. Rather than playing in the garden, we would much rather be indoors in the warmth, sat on the sofa in front of the TV. This, along with comfort eating, is why many people gain weight during the winter, and it is why a lot of people choose to bulk up before cutting down for the summer. As the weather grows warmer and the days grow longer however, we find ourselves spending more time outdoors, we have more energy, we’re more motivated, and we do more outdoor activities. We go for more walks, we spend more time on physical tasks, we spend time in the garden, we see our friends more, and we’re more motivated to hit the gym and exercise. The more active we are, the more calories we burn, and the more fat we will burn. Exercise also strengthens the heart and cardiovascular system, making you a great deal healthier.

We eat less

During especially warm spells of weather, we often find that our appetites have all but disappeared and rather than tackling a plate full of warm food, we instead crave bowls of cold and healthy salad. Yes, during the summer it is a proven fact that we consume less food as warm weather can often drain our appetites. The less food you consume, the less chance you will have of gaining weight.

We eat healthier foods


As mentioned, during the summer, people are far more likely to crave a cold chicken salad than they are during the winter. We consume more salads, more cold fruits, more vegetables, and more fresh produce. What’s more, with barbeques being hugely popular in the summer, we also prepare our foods in a much healthier way, as this method uses no extra fat whatsoever.

We don’t feel the need to comfort eat

To some, as soon as the clocks go back and the days grow shorter, along with the cold weather, the winter can be very depressing and so people often turn to warm comfort foods to help lift their spirits. Unfortunately there aren’t many comfort foods out there that are considered healthy, as many of them are rich in refined carbs, fats, sugars, and other unhealthy ingredients. During the summer however, as people’s moods are generally lifted, they do not feel the need to comfort eat, and so sticking to a healthy and balanced diet is a great deal easier. What’s more, as they are more likely to be outdoors rather than cooped up in front of the TV, they will be too busy to over eat.

Healthy foods are available

Yes, finding fresh vegetables during the winter is still fairly easy, but during the summer you will find that you have a great deal more choice, plus everything will look and taste a great deal better as well. One key element needed for most vegetables to grow is sunlight, and during the summer, they will have plenty of this. The sunlight means that more vegetables can be grown and will therefore be readily available, and as they will be from home soils rather than overseas, they will be fresher, will contain more nutrients, and they will also taste better as well.

You will dine outdoors more frequently


During the winter, when you eat indoors, often as soon as you finish, your first thoughts will be to go back into the kitchen for seconds. If you’re truly hungry then by all means have a second portion, but just remember that by doing so you are increasing your caloric intakes by another few hundred at least. When you dine outdoors however, you will have further to walk if you want a second portion, and besides which, you will be able to stop and admire your surroundings as you dine, so your mind will not simply be fixated on grabbing a second helping as soon as possible.

Summer foods are quick and simple

The great thing about summer dining is the fact that many of the foods you consume are so fresh that they are quick and simple to prepare. You can throw together a delicious salad, fire up the Barbie and grill some fresh fish or chicken breasts, as well as so much more, all in a matter of seconds. Because the foods are so quick and simple to prepare, you are less likely to miss meals and grow hungry in between, which is when you are likely to overeat.


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