New 5kg Bulk Protein Bags And Where Are the 25lb Boxes?

New 5kg Bulk Protein Bags And Where Are the 25lb Boxes?

Many of you may already know over the last few days there have been numerous changes with the website, packaging, etc. But, one of the most common questions we are getting right now is, “where are the 25lb bulk boxes” because for years were selling bulk protein in boxes with large bags. Moving forward we decided to discontinue them and launch the 5kg stand up resealable bulk bags instead and there’s a few reasons why we decided to do this:

  1. The bulk 25lb boxes didn’t offer the same level of security.
  2. As we improve our cGMP’s and quality control this type of packaging will not stand up to the test.
  3. Product integrity is a major requirement when dealing with nutritional products. Why? Because it’s important to deliver product with an airtight seal in order to keep humidity and moisture out. Now, everything contains some level of moisture so a little won’t be an issue, but when there is too much that can enter the packaging after it leaves the facility, it starts to become an issue.
  4. Our business model is simple, we reduce the flash and bang with packaging and marketing and the savings are used to purchase higher quality product while still being able to offer it at an affordable price. Because of this, we can offer you the highest quality product and we feel that our products deserve to be packaged in something more than a box.
  5. Believe it or not, the cost of packaging, materials, and man power that went into the boxes is more than the 5kg packaging so in return we actually lowered the price of the 5kg bulk protein bags on a per pound basis (for example: the cost per pound of the 25lb whey concentrate was $7.60 and the cost per pound of the 5kg whey concentrate bag is $7.27.
  6. Many of you wanted a solution to pay bulk protein prices, but not have to commit to a year of the same flavour. Also, now if family or friends want to get in on the order and take advantage of bulk prices you can now and they aren’t stuck with the same flavour you buy or the hassle of splitting up the 25lb box yourself.
  7. Making the move to the 5kg bulk protein bags allowed us to offer many more bulk protein options to you in many more flavours and proteins such as All Natural Bulk Protein, Bulk Vegan Protein, Bulk Hemp Protein, Bulk Rice Protein, Bulk Pea Protein Isolate, and more.


These are the major reasons why we decided to discontinue to the bulk boxes and as you can see, for good reason.

Also, the shopping experience has changed on the website quite a bit so in order to purchase the bulk protein in 5kg bags, please select the type of protein you want in on the right side of the page and select the size. If you’re on your phone, scroll down until you see the option for size and select the 5kg option. When the option for the 5kg bulk protein is selected the price will automatically change and the image will as well to reflect the actual packing.

Over the course of this year there will be more big announcements and our commit to you will always be the same, you’ll always get what you pay for, you’ll never pay extra for a pro telling you to take our stuff, we will always reinvest into the product quality, you’ll never have to wait for a sale for a “good deal”, and our products will always be Made In Canada.

Thank you all for all the positive emails and messages about the new website and packaging. It means so much to us to have so many that support us and the brand through these changes.

Have a safe weekend and Happy Victoria Day CP fans!


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