Introducing New BCAA and Whey Protein Concentrate Flavours!

Introducing New BCAA and Whey Protein Concentrate Flavours!

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You Voted, We Delivered!

The results are in! After months of polling on our social media accounts, we’re thrilled to announce our two new flavours of Whey Protein Concentrate and BCAAs!

Soap Whey Protein Concentrate

The all-new Soap-flavoured Whey Concentrate is a flavour you won’t be forgetting any time soon! It also has a refreshingly clean taste, because who doesn’t love cleanliness, right? Our Soap Whey Protein concentrate has an aftertaste that lasts for hours, and is sure to leave your mouth feeling soapy clean!

Hot Dog Water BCAAs

Summer is just around the corner, and you know what that means! Grilling season is upon us! If you’re like us, and always on the go, who has time to grill? We’re proud to introduce the new, and incredibly convenient, Hot Dog Water BCAAs! Flavoured using 100% organic and GMO free hot dogs, this flavour is delicious and nutritious. Whether it’s at the gym or on the beach, hot dog water BCAAs allow you to reap the benefits of this amazing supplement on the go, with minimal effort required!

Try one of these new flavours today! With warm weather approaching, they’re sure to satisfy your taste buds all summer long! We know you’ll love them!


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