How To Get Rid Of A Hangover? – Healthy Tips

How To Get Rid Of A Hangover? – Healthy Tips

As you’re no doubt well aware, we’re currently in the midst of “party season” as the festive season is now upon us, then of course we will have the New Year to look forward to as well. During this time of year we really give our bodies one heck of a pounding as we consume far too much junk food, we often find ourselves slacking with our training in the gym, or at least slacking with our diets, and, unless you happen to be tee total, we also find ourselves consuming far too much alcohol. Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with partying and letting our hair down once in a while, but we all know the dangers associated with too much alcohol. Alcohol is a poison, literally, that can damage our health and can make us extremely ill in the process. We all know people that get too drunk at parties and make fools of themselves in the process, and we all know that the next day, that they are going to be waking up with extremely sore heads and feeling very ill indeed. Many of us like a good drink now and then, but when it comes to the dreaded hangover, that is something that we wish we could avoid at all costs. Most hangover “cures” involve either consuming vast quantities of greasy fatty fried foods and carbs, or consuming more alcohol, neither of which can be considered healthy. If you’re looking for healthier ways of getting rid of your hangover, take a look at the following ideas.

Use Omega 3 supplements

Use Omega 3 Supplements

When it comes to supplements for everyday health and well-being, omega 3 supplements like cod liver oil are absolutely ideal. As for hangovers however, omega 3 supplements really come into their own for a number of reasons. Alcohol consumption leads to inflammation, which in itself causes a whole host of health problems, including the dreaded hangover from hell. Inflammation in the head for example, can lead to increased inflammation, which can then cause a pretty severe headache. Omega 3 fatty acids however, provide substantial anti-inflammatory benefits that greatly help to reduce inflammation, and can therefore reduce hangover induced headaches. On top of that, omega 3s help to hydrate the skin and leave it looking and feeling healthier.

Drink plenty of water

As you may or may not know, alcohol is diuretic, which basically means that it causes you to lose more water than you can take in and retain. This is why you need to pee way more frequently when you’ve been drinking than you would ordinarily. Overtime, as you lose these fluids, you can become dehydrated, and as you know, dehydration can lead to pretty severe headaches, possibly even migraines in some extreme cases. When it comes to hangovers and water, prevention is the best cure because if you get there early, you can actually prevent your hangover before it has time to develop. When you get in after a long night of drinking, drink as much water as possible, within reason of course, with around one pint minimum, being sufficient enough. We all get, shall we say, a little forgetful when we’re drunk, so leave a large bottle of water next to your bed, or somewhere where you will immediately notice it when you get in. The next morning, again, make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Mild exercise

Mild Exercise

Ok, we know that the last thing most people want to do when they’re hungover, is to engage in physical exercise or activity of any kind, as they would much rather just lounge around in bed or on the sofa, feeling sorry for themselves. However, if you can force yourself to get off your butt, experts have found that engaging in physical exercise, can prove very useful for banishing that dreaded hangover. Alcohol is a poison, that causes depression and the release of stress hormones such as cortisol, which makes us look and feel pretty awful. Exercise however, boosts circulation, which helps with oxygen transportation so we’re less likely to suffer from a headache but perhaps more importantly, exercise also helps the body to produce endorphins and serotonin, which are chemicals and hormones that make us feel happy, relaxed, and confident. Obviously you shouldn’t go out and run a marathon, or engage in a full body bodybuilding workout, but if you can, you should force yourself to engage in some mild exercise .

Drink natural coconut water

When we say coconut water, we don’t mean the stuff you get out of tins, we mean coconut water directly out of a coconut, which can be pretty tricky to get into, although there are special tools and kits now available to make it very easy to get into them. Coconut water, you see, is rich in electrolytes, and it actually contains five electrolytes found naturally within the human body, whereas even most sports drinks only contain two or three. Coconut water is so beneficial in fact, that in some countries, they actually use it on IV drips for hydration. If you’re dehydrated due to alcohol and are looking to replace lost fluids and electrolytes, natural coconut water is absolutely ideal.

Drink a nutrient-rich smoothie

Ok, you may want to stay clear of milk if you’re hungover, but if you pack your blender full of ice, water, coconut water, and antioxidant-rich fruits like blueberries, and mineral-rich fruits such as bananas, all of that natural goodness that you consume will get to work immediately, on helping you to feel and function far better, and will soon have your hangover being nothing more than a thing of the past. Always make your own smoothies as the shop bought ones are often full of added sugar and preservatives.


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