Gift Ideas All Bodybuilders Will Love This Holiday

Gift Ideas All Bodybuilders Will Love This Holiday

With the holidays fast approaching, those of you who were sensible enough to not bother trying to brave the Black Friday sales, may now be panicking and struggling to decide on which gifts to purchase for your loved ones this Christmas. Whilst the holidays are all about giving gifts and showing people how much you care about them, this does not mean that you should simply purchase generic and impersonal gifts because you didn’t think of a meaningful gift to get your loved one. Gifts should come from the heart, and they should show people how much they mean to you, so ideally you should go with a gift, or gifts that you know would actually really mean something to the recipient, and that you know they would get a lot of usage out of. If that special somebody in your life happens to be a bodybuilder, either competitively or otherwise, rather than buying a series of gimmicky gifts that they’ll never use again once Christmas day is over, why not go with gifts aimed specifically at bodybuilders? Here are some useful suggestions and ideas on gift ideas that all bodybuilders will love this festive season.

A bodybuilding-themed stocking

You are never ever too old for a stocking, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Stockings are fantastic for Christmas morning because they act as a warm up to the main event, which is the gift opening. When most people have stockings however, they generally fill them with chocolate, candy, and other novelty gifts that people won’t get much use out of. If you’re buying for a bodybuilder, or a fitness fanatic however, you can actually create a themed stocking that will be packed full of useful items that will help them in their pursuit of fitness and of the perfect body. Obviously stocking fillers should be fairly small and inexpensive, so go with gifts like: shaker cups, protein samples, supplement samples, protein bars, weight lifting gloves, wrist wraps, liquid chalk, etc.

A huge quantity of protein


Bodybuilders simply cannot get enough protein in their lives, so do not ever think that a bodybuilder has enough protein, because nine times out of ten, he won’t have. Whey protein supplements are some of the most popular supplements in the entire world, and they are incredibly useful for a bodybuilder to have. If your loved one has a certain brand and flavour of protein that they enjoy and use regularly, why not get them as large a quantity of the protein as you can manage. Generally protein tubs/bags can vary from 1kg all the way up to 5kg, so a couple of 5kg bags will last a good few months.

Fitness magazine subscriptions

Many bodybuilders are interested in bodybuilding magazines and fitness magazines as they are filled with useful tips and pieces of information, as well motivation and advice. Rather than having them buy the magazines at full price every month however, why not purchase them a subscription to their favourite magazine instead? This is not only a great deal cheaper over the year, it is also far less hassle, as the magazines will be delivered to their door, and they will usually be available slightly earlier than they would be in the shops as well.

Meat hampers


Bodybuilding and meat consumption do tend to be synonymous with one another, although there are plenty of very successful vegan and vegetarian bodybuilders out there. If your loved one is a self-confessed carnivore, you may wish to go ahead and purchase them a meat hamper for Christmas. Meat hampers can be as simple or as complex as you would like, and they can contain any meats you like. Typically you will find bodybuilding staples like chicken breast and rump steak in there, but other than that, the meats you will find will depend on which hamper you go for. Some people go with basic meats that can be purchased from your local butcher or grocery store, whereas others like to sample unusual exotic meat hampers, including meats such as: Rattlesnake, Kangaroo, Ostrich, Bison, Wild Boar, and so on. Many of these exotic hampers would make the perfect gifts because the meats are unusual and will not have been tasted before, plus many of them are very lean, and are highly rich in amino acids and other nutrients. If you go with a hamper than will last longer than 3 days, which you almost certainly will, make sure you select one which clearly states that the meats contained within can be frozen for a prolonged amount of time.

A gym membership

Obviously all bodybuilders are going to have to train somewhere, and because of this, you may wish to consider purchasing a gym membership for your loved one. You could perhaps pay their membership for the upcoming twelve months, or even upgrade their membership so they can use more facilities and enjoy more perks (if applicable). Whilst it may not be a gift that can be unwrapped on the day, knowing that their membership has been paid off for the next several months will certainly be a weight off their mind, making your gift an extremely thoughtful one.

A supplement hamper

If a meat hamper isn’t your thing, or perhaps if you simply wish to go with both, you could also build your loved one a supplement hamper, and include their favourite supplements in there. Obviously you will include protein powder, but other popular recommendations could include products like: pre-workout powders, multivitamins, amino acids, creatine, and casein protein. If you purchase the required supplements, and place them into a nice basket and wrap it neatly, this will be one of the best gifts they will ever receive.