7 Reasons to Love Exercise

7 Reasons to Love Exercise

For some people, the thought of having to get dressed, head out to the gym, and exercise, is not an exciting prospect. In fact, that’s probably putting things mildly. Despite this however, though exercise may not fill many of you with feelings of glee and excitement, there are still plenty of reasons to love exercise. We all know how beneficial it can be to work out, but at the same time we all know what a struggle it can be to get motivated, especially after a long day of work. Some of us simply don’t bother with training on that specific day, whereas others battle through, and just do not enjoy their training. Fitness and healthy living however, isn’t just a quick fix, it is a state of mind and a way of life for many of us. If you’re struggling to find reasons to exercise, or if you’re simply falling out of love with training, it’s good to remind yourself why you started in the first place. Here are 7 great reasons to love exercise.

It changes your state of mind


One key reason to love exercise is the fact that it has the ability to alter your state of mind. You will never walk out of the gym regretting what you just did. Once you complete a workout, you feel accomplished, happy, and productive. What’s more, the more you do this, the easier it becomes to fall in love with exercise. Exercise helps you to achieve a positive outlook on life, and alters the way you think. This is not only true with the physical training side of things, it is also true in regards to other parts of everyday life as well. The more you exercise, the more positive and productive you will become.

You needn’t spend money

Sure, there are some people out there who have expensive gym memberships, high quality nutritional foods, the best gym gear, and supplement stacks each month, all of which come at a price. If you enjoy these things and can afford them, then that’s fantastic. If however, you are strapped for cash, or if you simply resent the thought of spending money on fitness, you don’t have to. Fitness and exercise can be done anywhere, at any time. If you join a gym there are membership fees etc, but if you don’t, you can choose to work out in the comfort of your own home, your garden, the local park, or anywhere else, for free!

Improve your appearance


Another great reason to love fitness and exercise, is the fact that it allows you to improve your appearance, which in turn will help to boost your mental health and well-being. Exercise helps to burn fat, build muscle, and build a more aesthetically pleasing physique. The better you look, the better you will feel. You yourself will feel great when you start seeing improvements on your physique, but just you wait until other people begin seeing improvements, and begin complimenting you. Your self-confidence will soar, and you’ll become more driven than ever before. As you begin losing fat and/or building muscle, you will be able to buy and wear new clothes, and will really be able to show off your new body. This is obviously a huge bonus in anybody’s eyes.

Learn new skills for life

Exercise and fitness is not simple, as there are so many things to wrap your head around. When you focus on your nutrition, you will begin to learn which foods to eat, which to avoid, and why you should and should not eat them. With exercise, you will learn about how your body works, you will learn how to correctly perform certain exercises, how not to perform them, how to warm up, how to stretch, how to avoid injury, and plenty more besides. This expert knowledge will stick with you for the rest of your life, plus it will allow you to help others, thereby giving them the tools to help themselves.

Work around your schedule


Forget about what people say about having to train 7 days per work, several hours per day, in order to see and feel noticeable results. In actual fact, the great thing about exercise is the fact that it is so flexible, so you can fit it around your schedule. If you have prior commitments on certain days of the week, then don’t train on those days, it’s that simple. Instead, train on days where you are free, and have no reason not to exercise. If you are busy at a certain time, try to exercise earlier, or later on in the day instead. Exercise is flexible, it is a way of life, but the great thing is that you can work around your schedule, rather than having to move your schedule around and fit it around your workouts.

Keeps you healthy

Not only does exercise make you look and feel great, it also keeps you fit and healthy. To begin with, exercise can help you to lose weight, putting you less at risk of suffering from obesity-related diseases. On top of that, exercise helps strengthen the heart, it lowers blood pressure, it lowers LDL cholesterol, it boosts brain power, plus it strengthens the immune system. All of this combined makes you a much fitter and healthier individual than the average Joe, and it shows.

Exercise can prolong your life

Whilst we do not have the ability to see into the future, generally a person who exercises regularly, and stays in shape, is going to live longer, and healthier, than somebody that is overweight, and who doesn’t exercise or get any physical activity. Exercise can literally prolong your life by keeping you fitter and healthier, and what is not to love about that?


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