7 Great Uses For Organic Coconut Oil

7 Great Uses For Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut oil, particularly organic coconut oil, is currently one of the hottest products in not only the health and fitness world, but also in the culinary world as well. Yes, not only is that natural product extremely healthy for you, it also tastes and smells pretty fabulous as well. For years, olive oil was considered the daddy when it comes to healthy fats and oils, but 2015 looks set to be the year of coconut oil, as more and more people are discovering just how fantastic this product actually is. First off, if you’ve never tried coconut oil then you simply must, so head to your nearest health store or look online and pick up a jar today. If you are the owner and user of organic coconut oil, there are probably a number of different uses for the oil that you will have never considered before, until now. For that reason, here’s a look at a few great uses for organic coconut oil, some you may have known, and some you probably would never have dreamt of in a million years if it wasn’t for this article.



Ok, this one’s pretty obvious, but even so, we’re including it on our list just to be sure. If you use vegetable oil or olive oil for cooking your meals, try replacing these oils with coconut oil instead. Not only does coconut oil smell amazing when it’s frying, it also actually provides a very subtle coconut flavour that doesn’t overpower dishes that don’t include coconut, and works unbelievably well with dishes that do include coconut. As well as that, it is also great because it’s so light and non-greasy, so you aren’t left with food swimming in oil as you are when you use vegetable oil or olive oil. A little oil also goes much further than other oils, so you use less, and as a result consume less calories. The fats contained within organic coconut oil are MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) and are incredibly healthy and good for us, helping to boost metabolism, reduce harmful cholesterol, and provide quick releases or energy. So, rather than using vegetable oil or olive oil for your breakfast omelette, why not use a teaspoon of coconut oil instead?

Healthy popcorn

Popcorn is a food that is surprisingly unhealthy for us, mainly because of the way that the corn kernels are popped. In popcorn, the kernels are fried in a large amount of oil, usually vegetable or sunflower oil, until they pop and basically turn inside out. To make a much healthier version of this food, use a small quantity of coconut oil, add it to a frying pan, heat it through until a very thin layer coats the base of the pan, then add your kernels, shake them gently to coat them in the oil, add the lid, turn up the heat, and wait for them to pop. Not only do you consume less calories and less unhealthy fat, you actually benefit from the MCT’s that the oil contains.

For smoothing dry hands

For Smoothing Dry Hands

Everyday our hands take a real battering for one way or another, so it’s no wonder why hand creams and various moisturisers for the hands are selling so well at the moment. Another amazing use for coconut oil however, is to use it as a moisturiser for your hands as the natural oils will help to soothe and smooth dry and damaged hands. After washing your hands, add a small amount of the oil to your hands, and massage it in carefully. Not only will they feel soft and smooth, they will remain wrinkle and crease-free, and will smell amazing as well.

As a hair conditioner

The uses for coconut oil just keep on coming, this one in the form of a hair conditioner and treatment. After washing your hair as usual, take some coconut oil in a jar, run the jar under hot water until the oil turns semi-liquid (it’s a solid in temperatures below 26 degrees Celsius) and then add a healthy dollop into your hands, and massage it through your hair as you would a regular conditioner. Leave it for a couple of minutes, and rinse as usual. The oil will not only leave your hair feeling incredibly soft and manageable, it will also give it an amazing shine, and once again, will have it smelling amazing.

For shaving your legs

For Shaving Your Legs

Shaving foams and creams are incredibly expensive, especially considering just how quickly little you get in each bottle/container. Not only that, but many of them tend to smell pretty unpleasant, and can leave your skin itchy and inflamed. Instead of shaving cream and foam for your legs, why not use organic coconut oil instead? The oil works out very cheap compared with foams and creams, especially considered how little you need to use per shave. It’s also naturally antimicrobial, it smells great, and it will moisturise your legs, leaving them soft and smooth.

As a facial moisturiser

If you use a moisturiser on your face, following a shower or a bath perhaps, then why not use a small handful of coconut oil instead? The oil is enriched with vitamins and minerals, many of which you will find in facial moisturisers anyway, and truthfully the results are far greater than pretty much any over the counter facial moisturiser, plus you need to use less because it goes such a long way.

As a lip balm

If you suffer from dry and/or chapped lips, you probably use petroleum jelly products and various lip balms. What you probably didn’t know, was that many of these products actually contain chemicals and ingredients that damage your lips, meaning they suffer without the jellies and balms, meaning you use more, and have to go back and buy their product again and again. Organic coconut oil is a much healthier and much more effective product as it is incredibly hydrating and smooth, plus it also tastes and smells great too. Simply dab a little of the oil onto your lips as you would other products, and you’ll be protected for the entire day, even after you bathe or shower.


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