6 Ways Of Getting Slim Without Joining A Gym

6 Ways Of Getting Slim Without Joining A Gym

Although gyms are considered highly beneficial, and even highly enjoyable for a great deal of people, not all of us are guaranteed to enjoy using them on a regular, or even semi-regular basis and so we may be forced to look for other viable options when it comes to working out and exercising. There are some people out there that claim that gyms are essential for getting slim, fit, and healthy, and whilst gyms are indeed beneficial, they’re far from essential as there are always other options available to us. If you’re looking to get slim, fit, and healthy this year, but simply don’t enjoy using gyms for one reason or another, rest assured that there are a number of viable alternatives available to have at your disposal. Take a look at these 6 ways of getting slim without joining a gym and you’ll know exactly what we mean.

Don’t be so quick to write off dairy

Don’t Be So Quick To Write Off Dairy

Although there is a lot to be said about dairy when it comes to weight loss, not all of what is said is from a negative point of view. Although dairy produce does tend to contain high amounts of fat, there are always lower fat options, and besides which, a little dairy, even high fat dairy such as whole milk or cheese, actually provides a number of health benefits. As far as weight loss is concerned however, experts believe that the higher than average protein content found in dairy produce can help to promote fat loss because it is slow digesting, which means that it helps keep us feeling full for longer. This also has a thermogenic effect on the body as the metabolism is forced to increase to provide extra energy to digest and break down the protein. The faster the metabolism, the more calories burned, and the more fat that is lost as a result. This isn’t to say that your diet should consist solely of dairy, but if you feel like a little cheese grated over your salad, don’t feel as if you have to deprive yourself.

Find enjoyable equipment

One of the reasons why people tend to not be huge fans of gyms is the fact that using much of the equipment meant mainly for fat loss is far from enjoyable and is truthfully pretty boring. If you run on a treadmill for 40 – 60 minutes per session, several times per week, your workouts will obviously not be the most enjoyable or interesting. Rather than boring repetitive gym equipment however, try purchasing some enjoyable equipment instead. Gymnastics rings, skipping ropes, exercise balls, bosu balls, resistance bands, pogo sticks, push bikes etc, are just a few common examples of equipment that is enjoyable to use and highly beneficial when it comes to burning fat.

Spend more time on errands

Spend More Time On Errands

If you need to go to the bank to pay a cheque in one day, shopping for groceries the next, and then perhaps needing to purchase something else a few days later, why not combine all of your errands into once physically active day instead? Think about it, you’ll be walking to the bank, walking around town, visiting various stores, carrying shopping bags, and then walking back to the car, or even walking straight home if you can manage the shopping bags, and by the end of the day, though tired, you’ll have burnt a vast amount of calories and will also have less to do later on in the week.

Have more days out

When you have days out, to various tourist attractions or natural beauty spots perhaps, just think about what it is that you do when you arrive? Do you spend all of your time sat in the car park, or do you walk several miles, taking in the sights and enjoying yourself in the process? You generally tend to walk more, and again, walking is a fantastic form of cardio. What’s more, due to the fact that you’re enjoying yourself, you won’t feel as if you’re exercising at all. The only potential obstacle that could knock you off track is various cafes, gift shops, food carts, and restaurants that tend to serve unhealthy foods. To ensure you don’t buckle to pressure, try packing a healthy lunch yourself, or alternatively look for healthy options from the menu.

Play more sports

Play More Sports

Fun is the key to making any exercise and healthy living routine successful and if you happen to enjoy playing a certain sport, or perhaps engaging in a certain physical activity such as swimming, why not do more of whatever it is that you enjoy? Again, as it’s a sport that you enjoy playing, or an activity that you enjoy participating in, you won’t actually feel like you’re exercising and working out at all, and as time flies when you’re having fun, by the time you’ve had a solid hour or so, you could very well have burnt several hundred calories without even noticing.

Snack healthy

When dieting, or simply trying to lose weight in a safe and controlled manner, snacking is often one of our biggest downfalls, due largely to the fact that there are currently so many different unhealthy snacks available to us, and nowhere near as many healthy snack choices. Whilst it can be difficult to find a healthy snack, it’s certainly not impossible if you know where to look, and indeed what to make. Obviously you have the more common examples of healthy snacks, your pieces of fruit, natural yoghurt, seeds, and nuts etc, but you can also get a little more creative than that if you set your mind to it. Sliced vegetables and hummus work very well, as do stuffed lettuce leaves with lean meat or seafood and a little low fat dressing perhaps. You can even make chocolate snacks using bran, wheat, cereal, dark chocolate, and whey protein powder for example. For a delicious protein mousse, in a blender add a few dates, half an avocado, some chocolate whey protein powder, and a splash of coconut water and blend together until a thick mousse-like consistency has been achieved.


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