6 reasons why men need more zinc in their diets

6 reasons why men need more zinc in their diets

In terms of health and fitness, men and women alike, both need to take care of their bodies in various different ways to one another. Sure, we all know how important it is to eat healthy foods, make healthy life choices, and get plenty of exercise, but certain nutrients do appear to offer different benefits for members of the opposite sex. Men for example, can benefit greatly from zinc supplementation. This trace element plays a key role in hundreds upon hundreds of physiological processes within the body, plus it assists with the production of over 300 individual enzymes. This means that zinc can play key roles in DNA synthesis, it assists with cell division and cell repair, and much more besides. Whilst this is beneficial for both men and women, studies have found that men in particular, can benefit from zinc supplementation. Here’s a look at 6 reasons why men need more zinc in their diets.

It’s great for sexual health


One of the main reasons why men can benefit from zinc supplementation is down to the fact that zinc has been found to play a vital role in male sexual health and function. Many experts refer to zinc as the ultimate sexual health mineral, and rightly so. To begin with, zinc assists with sperm health, production, and mobility, which is very beneficial for couples who may be trying to conceive a child. What’s more, each time a man ejaculates, he will lose around 4 – 5mg of zinc, which is close to 50% of his recommended daily intake. Obviously then, the more he ejaculates, the lower his zinc supplies will become. Zinc also plays a key role in testosterone production and secretion, as studies have found that zinc deficiencies, or low zinc intakes, have been linked with reduced testosterone levels. Testosterone is a male sexual hormone that plays a vital role in a number of processes, including libido (sex drive), blood circulation, and fertility.

It boosts testosterone

As mentioned, studies have found that low zinc levels have been linked with low testosterone levels, whereas increased zinc intakes have been found to increase testosterone productions. Testosterone not only plays a vital role in sexual health, it has also been found to assist with muscle growth and athletic performance. Testosterone can increase a person’s muscle mass, their strength, their definition, and even their athletic ability. So, for anybody trying to build muscle and/or increase their athletic performance, zinc supplements, and foods naturally high in zinc, are very beneficial indeed.

Improved prostate health

For men, maintaining a healthy prostate is essential as prostate cancer is a very real risk, which will affect thousands of men all over the globe. The good news is that experts have found that zinc supplements and high zinc diets could potentially lead to a reduced risk of prostate cancer, and a healthy prostate in general. Experts found that, when tested, cancerous tissue taken from a prostate gland contained significantly less zinc than healthy tissue taken from a healthy prostate that was cancer-free. Zinc is found in organs and tissues all over the body, but it is the prostate gland that contains more zinc than anywhere else. That alone should suggest that the prostate requires healthy amounts of zinc, so zinc supplementation per day is very beneficial indeed.

Enhanced immune function


We all know how much the immune system benefits from vitamins, particularly vitamin C, but experts have also proven on countless occasions, that certain minerals can also work to strengthen and enhance a person’s immune system. Whilst this is a benefit for both men and women, we all know that man-flu (a common cold) appears to affect men worse than women, so by strengthening their immune systems, men all over the globe will be able to avoid man-flu every single cold and flu season and will therefore feel and be a great deal more healthy. It just so happens that zinc is arguably the most effective mineral for strengthening and boosting the immune system, so if you aren’t getting enough zinc each day and you find yourself suffering will illnesses and ailments on a regular basis, your lack of zinc could be the reason why.

Zinc supports skin health

Men like to look and feel good just like women do, and there is absolutely nothing wrong at all with a man taking pride in his appearance. When we look great, we feel great, and the better we feel, well, the better life will be. Studies have found that zinc can play a key role in skin health and appearance, as zinc can prevent spots, blemishes, and acne breakouts, in men and women of all ages. This is because zinc helps to reduce oily skin by regulating oil gland activities in the skin so that the skin is not too greasy, but not too dry either. It can also reduce acne-induced inflammation. Eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin in general can all be treated with zinc supplementation.

Healthy thyroid

The thyroid gland is another gland of the body that can potentially cause a great deal of distress to us, plus it can result in health issues and complications as well. You see, zinc assists with the production of thyroid releasing hormones in the human brain. These hormones then communicate with the pituitary gland and tell it to produce thyroid stimulating hormones. Having low levels of thyroid stimulating hormones means that the thyroid gland fails to function as it should, which can result in an underactive thyroid. An underactive thyroid can result in fat gain, suppressed metabolism, and low levels of testosterone, which can result in sexual health issues, and it can make it difficult to build muscle through exercise. As zinc supports the function of the thyroid however, ensuring you consume enough zinc per day is essential for thyroid health and function.


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