4 Pro Tips For Gym Newbies

4 Pro Tips For Gym Newbies

Ok, so it’s that time of year again. We consumed far too much junk over the holidays, we gained far too much weight, and we’re determined to make 2015 the year that we get ourselves into the greatest physical shape possible. A year is a heck of a long time and if you’re serious it is very manageable, no matter how much hard work you have laying ahead of you. January and February are two of the busiest months for gym owners due to an influx of new clients, determined to shift their holiday weight and get themselves fitter, healthier, and more attractive than ever before. If you’re a self-confessed gym “newbie” and are joining a gym for the first time, here are 4 pro tips to help you out.

Nobody cares how you look or what you’re doing

Joining a gym can be a daunting experience at first, especially when you don’t know what to expect. One common worry that new members tend to have is that they’re worried other members will ridicule them or talk about them behind their back. From over a decade’s worth of personal experience, we can tell you right away that this is simply not the case. None of the other gym members care how much you can or cannot lift, what you’re wearing, how you look, or how fit or unfit you are. They were once new members just like you, and if anything they will respect you for getting off your butt and actually making an effort to better yourself.

The gym is no place for ego

The Gym Is No Place For Ego

Though movies and TV shows may lead us to believe otherwise, in reality, the gym is the last place for people with large egos and so for that reason you should check your ego at the door before you begin. As mentioned before, people don’t care how strong you are and will not be impressed by your displays on strength on certain exercises. When you attempt to show off and feed your ego, you run the risk of injuring yourself or others. Forget about trying to lift the heaviest weights there, choose a set of weights you’re comfortable with, and week by week gradually work your way up.

Always stretch and warm up

Before you perform any form of physical exercises, whether it be weight training, cardio, or even a game of racquetball, you must always, always set 5 or 10 minutes aside to stretch your muscles and warm up before you begin. Stretching and warming up will increase your core body temperature and will help improve muscle elasticity, helping to prevent muscle cramps and tears. Stretching and warming up can help prevent injury and so it is definitely well worth doing.

Begin slowly

If you’re going to the gym with a friend or family member who has been working out regularly for years upon years, don’t even think about trying to keep up with them by doing the exact same workouts and exercises that they’re doing. Naturally they’ll be fitter, and stronger than you because they’ve been exercising and training for years. Begin slowly and gradually ease your way into your workouts. Assess your strength and fitness levels and slowly but surely improve weights, reps, speed, distances, and tempo etc with each passing session. It is a learning process and it will take time but if you’re doing things right, every single workout will be better and more productive than the last.


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