3 Simple Cooking Tips To Help You Burn Fat

3 Simple Cooking Tips To Help You Burn Fat

In order to burn fat you’re going to have to ensure that you watch what you eat and that you make a few changes to your diet if you wish to benefit from any real and lasting results. People often associate fat loss with heavy calorie restrictive diets but this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case at all. Calorie restrictive diets leave us feeling constantly hungry as we are literally starving our bodies. Our bodies become accustomed to functioning on a set number of calories each day, and so the less calories we consume, the hungrier we feel because our bodies won’t be getting the energy levels they were used to. If you’re looking for ways to burn body fat, but still enjoy great tasting food without restricting yourself too much, here are a few simple cooking tips that will help you to burn fat.

1) Use low calorie cooking sprays

Use Low Calorie Cooking Sprays

If you’re pan frying something, or even baking something in a tin which needs greasing, rather than using oil or butter, use a low calorie cooking spray instead. These sprays come in a wide range of different tastes and varieties these days, including olive oil. They cover and coat pans, trays, skillets etc, as they leave the can as a fine mist. You subsequently use much less and will therefore be consuming much less calories and fat. Whereas two tablespoons of oil can contain up to around 300 calories, a typical 2 second spray from one of these cans will yield around 20 calories max.

2) Make healthy substitutions

If you’re still serious about dropping weight but enjoying delicious tasting food at the same time, you can do so by making healthy substitutions with your food. Use leaner cuts of meat for various dishes. If your dish requires cheese, use a low fat or fat-free alternative, and try using a little less. In mashed potato etc, instead of double cream, use skimmed milk and an egg yolk for extra fluffiness. You can always make healthier substitutions you just need to know where to look.

3) Remove any visible fat

Finally, another great way of ensuring you consume less fat, and as a result, less calories, is to simply trim or drain away any fat that may be visible. If you’re cooking something in a pan and notice oil on the surface, simply drain the oil away. With pieces of meat, any yellow/white patches will almost certainly be fat, so simply trim them away. This will leave you with a much leaner cut of meat that still tastes great.


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