2 Mistakes to Avoid in Walking Lunges
Let's talk two most common mistakes that I see in walking lunges. So first mistake here that a lot of people are going to be making is that as they take their step and lunge down, they do what I call the body roll, which is where they lift their butt up first, prior to stepping up and through. So once again, that's as a lunge down, the hips are rising first then they body roll on the way up. What you want to be doing instead is that as you lunge down, you want to make sure that you're pressing yourself straight up into the air. So once again, step down, straight up into the air, minimizing that body roll. The next most common mistake I see is that as the lunge down the knee here, caves in as they come to stand, that's when we because of insufficient glute activation on the side here. What you want to do instead is that as you come to press back up, you want to keep the knee at the front here, pushed outward as you come to stand. Try this out next leg workout.
Walking lunge mistakes