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Four Reasons To Try Your Hand At Crossfit

If there’s one thing that the fitness community is good for, it’s creating trends and fads, similar in theory to those seen in the fashion industry. Over the years there have been many fitness “trends” and fads that barely stuck around for one year before being forgotten about and replaced by something else. There have […]
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5 Interesting Facts About Health And Fitness

Although we shouldn’t really need any incentives to exercise more and live a healthier life, the simple fact is that we many of us do. We know that eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of physical exercise is beneficial, but we’re not sure exactly why. With people all over the world living shorter than […]
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Simple And Effective Techniques For Making Exercise Fun

When it comes to health, fitness, and exercise in general, one of the biggest obstacles we’re ever likely to have to overcome is actually enjoying what we’re doing and making exercising fun and enjoyable. Think about it, when young children are running around in the garden, kicking and throwing balls, jumping on things, wrestling, climbing, […]
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5 Prominent Fitness Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

As well as becoming more body conscious with each passing day, the good news is that many of us are also becoming much more health and fitness conscious as well, placing much more emphasis on our health and well-being as well as how we simply look on the outside. In times of processed junk food, […]
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Common Exercise And Fitness Myths That Just Won’t Go Away

You can all probably relate to this following scenario. You’re at the gym, you’re working out, your form’s pretty good, when all of a sudden, an out of shape, middle-aged guy makes his way over to you, and tells you that what you’re doing is wrong, and what you should instead be doing it like […]
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5 Diet And Fitness Tips To Help You Reach Your Goals

A life without goals is like a ship on the seas without a map. If we don’t have goals and targets in life how do we know which way we’re heading? Goals and targets give us something to aim for, they help steer us in the right direction, and they help raise the bar so […]
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