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Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

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Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)


Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid, is an essential water-soluble nutrient for humans. Vitamin C plays important roles in the human body such as protecting and maintaining good health for skin, cartilage, teeth


What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C, or Ascorbic Acid, if we want to get technical, is arguably the most popular vitamin in the world, yet despite this, other than knowing that it helps boost immunity, many people don’t truly understand just how wonderful this vitamin really is. Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin that functions as a catalyst for a whole host of natural processes within the human body. This vitamin helps to strengthen the immune system, it is essential for the formation of collagen, it can enhance the metabolism, and much more besides. Vitamin C is commonly found in a number of whole food sources, especially in fresh fruits and vegetables. However, to help make life even easier, and to help ensure that we do indeed meet our daily vitamin C requirements, vitamin C supplements are also available, and they happen to function incredibly well in the process.

How does it work?

Vitamin C works in a variety of different ways, because quite honestly, it provides so many unique benefits to the human body. Antioxidants help to destroy and neutralise these free radicals before they have chance to cause any lasting damage. Vitamin C also helps to promote overall health and well-being, as the vitamin has been proven to help strengthen and boost the immune system. Vitamin C helps make the immune system stronger and helps to increase white blood cell counts, and so obviously, the stronger the immune system, the healthier we are as a result. It also helps to speed up the healing of wounds and injuries, so if an individual does happen to have a naturally high vitamin C count, if they did become injured, vitamin C would speed up the rate in which the injury healed. Vitamin C functions in a number of different ways as well, but the ones we have covered are perhaps considered to be the most prominent.

What are the main benefits of taking a Vitamin C supplement?

Some of the primary benefits associated with vitamin C include the following:

Promotes overall health

As you know, when your immune system is weakened, you are far more susceptible to various illnesses and diseases. Well, it just so happens that vitamin C has been proven to dramatically increase immunity, helping to strengthen and boost the immune system. This means that you will be less likely to suffer from common viruses and diseases, and if you do, you should recover much easier. Vitamin C is a great way of strengthening the immune system, making it a great supplement for promoting fantastic overall health and well-being.

Great for the skin

Vitamin C is also responsible for the formation of collagen, which helps to strengthen the skin and connective tissue, helping to improve elasticity. This helps to keep the skin looking firm and feeling tight and healthy, which is why many anti-aging products are packed full of various vitamins and antioxidants, including vitamin C.

Other benefits include:

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Assists with weight loss
  • Boosts the metabolism
  • Great for the skin
  • Promotes healthy vision
  • Provides anti-aging benefits
  • Promotes healthy organ function
  • And more...

How and when should it be consumed?

Health Canada Recommended Dose (capsules): Adults: 1 - 2 Capsule(s) 1 - 2 time(s) per day.

Health Canada Recommended Dose (scoop): Scoop size: 1 g. Adults: 1 Scoop(s) 1 - 2 time(s) per day.

Vitamin C VS Ester C

Vitamin C is sometimes compared with a supplement called Ester C, and although similar, the two are still very different and very unique to one another. Ester C is a PH neutral supplement that contains ingredients and compounds including: calcium threonate, and, dehydroascorbic acid. These are vitamin C metabolites, and because of this, some experts claim that the Ester C provides a more impressive bioavailability than regular vitamin C, which basically means that it is easier to absorb, and more can be absorbed. However, there is not enough evidence to prove this to be true as of yet.

What can it be stacked with?

Vitamin C is basically a supplement designed to promote overall health and well-being, and because of this, it can be stacked with other similar supplements. For optimal health, a vitamin C supplement with added zinc, a multi-vitamin supplement, an Omega 3 supplement, and perhaps a Glucosamine Sulfate supplement for the joints, will provide all the benefits you could ever wish for.

Vitamin C Ingredients

Ingredients Per Capsule

Medicinal Ingredients (per capsule): Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) .......................... 500 Milligrams
Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Brown Rice Flour, Gelatin.

Ingredients Per Scoop

Medicinal Ingredients (per scoop): Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) ............................. 1 g
Non-Medicinal Ingredients: None.

Potential side effects

As with all supplements, always consult your doctor before using any new products, and discontinue usage if you experience any adverse side effects. Pregnant and breastfeeding women can use this supplement, although they should ideally consult their doctor beforehand. Although very safe, if you do exceed the recommend dosage, some users have experienced the following side effects:

  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Flatulence
  • Slight nausea


Caution: Not intended for children, pregnant, or breastfeeding women. Consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use. Consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use if you have health conditions. Store in a cool dry place away from children. Do not use if seal is broken.

Allergen warnings

Allergy Statement: This product is made in a facility that handles milk products, gluten, shellfish, soy, peanuts and other tree nuts.

Disclaimer: The above description does not constitute medical advice and is for informational purposes only and has not been evaluated by Health Canada, CFIA, or FDA. Please consult a properly licensed medical professional before consuming nutritional supplements. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any disease.

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Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

Macro dose Vitamin C!!

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Vitamin C

This is really good quality vitamin c, I can tell a difference in my body when I take it. Compared to any other vitamin c I’ve tried. For the price too, you couldn’t get a better bang for your buck

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these emails asking for reviews feel like spam, be less aggressive with marketing.

Allow us to buy in bulk. Local food co-op are a solution to a preventing a bleak future. Canadians need a bulk nutrient supplier. Bulk should be cheap because everyone should have access to nutrition, even if that means they have to pool their funds together.
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