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Sample Pack - Protein Coffee

Sample Pack - Protein Coffee

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Protein Flavour: Original
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This is a sample of our Protein Coffee. Click the link to read the full product description.

Customer Reviews

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Julia B.
Not a fan of this product

Insanely sweet. You may like this if you're into really sugary coffee drinks (Dunkin Donuts/Starbucks/McCafé). I like the idea of stacking protein intake with drinking coffee, but this just sadly wasn't my taste.

Shane C
Great Taste!

This ice-coffee tastes great. Wake you up and give you 24Grams of protein per serving.

Gulliver Garratt

Nahh I had like a plan chocolate as my old whey from so place I don’t remember where I got it but this stuffs heat like I have to bring to scoops when I workout cause Jimmie’s nick it

Great flavour, too sweet

I was pleasantly surprised by the great coffee flavour in this product. It doesn't have that instant coffee taste, but it doesn't quite taste like regular coffee either. The flavour reminds me of a really great coffee-flavoured ice cream or one of those coffee syrups you can add to cold milk to make iced coffee.

Having said that, this product is a no-go for me. I was looking for something to replace my usual morning iced coffee (I use grocery-store brand coffee grounds and brew it in a plain old drip coffee machine, cool it and add flavoured creamer). The flavour of protein coffee isn't similar enough to regular coffee for my taste. I docked it half a point for that plus another half point because it seems way too sweet. I usually like my iced coffee to be very sweet, but even for me this is too much!

This is a good product, there's nothing wrong with it, the coffee flavour and the sweetness level are just not quite what I'm looking for.

I think what will work better for me is to mix unflavoured, unsweetened protein powder into my usual iced coffee. Since I already add flavoured creamer, the taste difference should be minimal.

Mike Dawson

Sample Pack - Protein Coffee