Covid-19 protocols

Canadian Protein COVID-19 Protocols

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Given that we provide essential health and food products, Canadian Protein continues to ship products.

We have a large consumer demographic of elderly as well as individuals with health issues and compromised immune systems whom rely on our products to be delivered to their residence especially now so they are not subjected to the potential threat of COVID-19.

It is very beneficial to avoid going into a retail setting. You can stay at home and it can be delivered directly to you.

We are committed to preventing the spread of COVID-19 by asking those who can work from home do so, and those who remain wear gowns, masks, goggles, gloves as well as practicing social distancing at work for essential employees.

Also, we have further increased cleaning protocols which include all common contact areas be cleaned multiple times per day with 70% Isopropanol.

We also have a uniform program handled by an off-site third party uniform company that has strict sanitation protocols for the food and drug industry. All uniforms are only worn once and are immediately isolated afterwards. No uniforms are taken home.

Our focus is to work together to keep everyone safe and healthy while continuing to deliver the world-class protein powders and supplements that Canadian Protein is renowned for.